THE National Emergency


Apparently, we’re under a “national emergency” that will allow Donald Trump to become a dictator. No. The emergency isn’t over the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Breakfast Club dancing video or a congresswoman dropping an F-bomb while talking impeachment.

Trump is threatening to declare a national emergency if Democrats don’t give him $5 billion to start his racist medieval vanity project in the form of a wall on the Mexican border. This move will be an attempt to raid the Defense Department’s budget, and maybe other departments, for his $5 billion. The man who considers himself a great negotiator is acting like a hostage negotiator with him being the one holding the hostages.

Declaring a national emergency is real popular with authoritarian leaders. It’s been used recently in Turkey, Egypt, and Venezuela to expand those leaders’ powers.

Illegal immigration is not the greatest threat or challenge for the United States. In fact, the number of people illegally crossing our southern border has been steadily decreasing every year since 2007. So, why is it a national emergency now?

If it’s such a national emergency, then why does the Trump administration feel the need to create lies over it? Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen stated Friday that “over 3,000 special interest aliens” trying to enter the U.S. from the southern border had been stopped by Border Patrol agents. This is a lie. Sunday, White House spokesgoon Sarah Huckabee Sanders ignored Fox News’ Chris Wallace as he laid out facts, and she upped the lie to 4,000 stopped.

No terrorist has been found entering through our southern border. The “special interest aliens” are people stopped in airports whether it’s because they’re on the no-fly list or they just look shady. A lot of these people weren’t even arrested. How does stopping people in airports justify a national emergency to build a 2,000-mile wall on our southern border?

How does illegal immigration justify a national emergency and a southern border wall when the majority of people in this nation illegally didn’t enter through our border with Mexico?

If it’s a national emergency, then why all this over $5 billion when the wall will ultimately cost between $30 billion to $70 billion?

How is this a national emergency if Mexico is going to pay for the wall?

Experts agree that a wall is ineffective and logistically impossible. It is simply a racist vanity project that makes right-wingers and racists feel warm and squishy inside. You don’t need facts or actual results to feel warm and squishy.

A national emergency isn’t immigration. It’s war, plague, climate change, or a humanitarian crisis.

Or, a national emergency is a racist president who attacks the First Amendment, the free press, incites hate crimes, defends Nazis, and is being controlled by Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump is THE national emergency.

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  1. If he declares a national emergency, does that me he can start shooting people? I’m serious. I know there hasn’t been any congressional over site in the first 2 years, but would it be possible now? Can he be constrained at all?

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  2. If hethan declares a national emergency, does man he can start shooting people? I’m serious. I know there hasn’t been any congressional oversite in the first 2 years, but would it be possible now? Can he be constrained at all? Are we just waiting for McConnel to end this? We’re doomed!

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  3. trump was pushing the envelope and wanted to see if he could get away with bypassing Congress.
    Alarmist garbage speech written by goebbels, jr. stephen miller.
    With trump and miller in the “white” house, it feels like Halloween all of the time here in America.
    Friggin’ creeps.


  4. You forgot to draw in the empty fried chicken buckets, burger boxes, chewed-on t-bones and empty diet soda cans strewn on trump’s floor around his desk.


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