Send In The Fembot!!!


cjones12202018Austin Powers defeated the fembots by crossing his mojo with their mojo. Apparently, crossing mojos will make a fembot’s head explode. I don’t think the National Rifle Association has any mojo to cross, and their heads will be the ones doing the exploding.

I am always intrigued that the loudest screamers are hypocrites and projectors. Everything Donald Trump says about his enemies turns out to be true about him. Hillary’s administration would be plagued by endless investigations? Check. Pay-for-play? Check. Corrupt charity? Check. Incompetent associates? Check. Massive deficits? Check. Womanizing? Check. Stupid? Check. Selling out to Russia and other foreign interest? Check, check, checkity, check, check.

Russian gun rights activist Maria Butina pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiring to act as an unregistered agent of Russia, admitting that she worked for more than two years to forge relationships with conservative activists and leading Republicans in the United States. Conservatives and Republicans are always the loudest about their patriotism, and always questioning that of others.

One of Butina’s main targets was the NRA, a group she identified in a 2015 memo as an organization that “had influence over” the Republican Party. She wrote that her relationship with the NRA could be used as the groundwork for an unofficial channel of communication to the next presidential administration. Both, the NRA and the Trump administration were eager to be influenced by Russia.

She helped organize a delegation of top NRA leaders to visit Moscow and meet with top Russian officials. She attended their conventions as an honored guest. She used their NRA connections to get access to GOP presidential candidates, including Donald Trump. The NRA even let her ring their bell for top donors, literally.

What’s being questioned is; how much money, if any, did Russia filter through Butina to the NRA? Did any of that money end up in the Trump campaign? What did the NRA know of Russia’s efforts to influence U.S. policy? What did the NRA get in return? Why would Russia, where gun rights are extremely restricted, be so willing to promote gun ownership in America?

Was the NRA willing accomplices or where they just stupid enough to be tricked by a pretty smile and a head full of red hair?

Now Butina has pleaded guilty and has entered into a plea agreement with federal prosecutors. She’s flipping on somebody, but whom? Would prosecutors make a plea deal with her just for information on Alexander Torshin, a former Russian government official who helped direct her activities? There’s not much prosecutors can do to Torshin as he’s not in the country and barred from entering. Torshin is also a lifetime member of the NRA.

The NRA is extremely secretive about how many members they truly have and how much money they make. They have turned over documents related to Butina to the Senate Finance Committee, but they haven’t turned over requested financial records. Why not? What are they hiding?

The NRA’s political action committee and political nonprofit arm together shelled out $54.4 million on the 2016 presidential campaign, which was triple the amount they spent on the 2012 race. $30 million of that money went to efforts to help the Trump campaign. Did any of that money come from Russia? It’s illegal for foreign citizens to fund political efforts in the United States.

Donald Trump, who probably owns a Swedish-Made Penis Enlarger, and the NRA never had any mojo. If you’re looking for mojo, look toward federal prosecutors, because heads are about to explode. But, hey…the NRA usually likes things that explode.

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