I Like Beer


Did you know Brett Kavanaugh likes beer?

You would be forgiven if you didn’t catch Kavanaugh’s like for beer during last Thursday’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Judicial Committee because he only said “I like beer” about 87 times.

Kavanaugh likes beer. He doesn’t like being questioned about liking beer, but when it does happen, he’ll answer, “I like beer.” He’ll also answer with “What do you like to drink?” and when asked if he’s ever blacked out from drinking, he may answer with, “Have you ever blacked out from drinking?” He even refused to answer “How many beers are too many?” He answered that too many were “Whatever the blood-alcohol chart says,” never mind that there is not a blood alcohol chart. I’m kinda shocked he didn’t say, “When the bartender cuts you off,” or “When the cops arrive to stop the bar fight.”

He screamed answers. He cried answers. He belittled United States senators. He deflected and dodged answers. He gave lies as answers. He changed publicly known definitions for some answers. He even changed the term for a disgusting sex act into a term for drinking beer. He likes beer.

Keep in mind; this was during a job interview. I think if there has to be another hearing for him to explain further sexual assault allegations, a 1985 New York City bar fight, and his inconsistent answers and lies from previous sessions before the Senate; they may want to make him take a breathalyzer test.

It’s understandable that Kavanaugh would be defensive about his beer drinking since many of the accusations against him claim he was excessively drunk when they happened. Kavanaugh says he may have drunk “too many” in the past, but he never blacked out, got smashed, totally tossed, obliterated, sloshed, sizzled, plastered, blotto, or schnockered. He claims he never passed out from drinking, and that he just went to sleep afterward. Maybe they should have asked if after sleeping from drinking, if he’s ever woken up in a ditch, with his face in a public urinal, or with the word “balls” written across his forehead.

Brett Kavanaugh likes beer. Just be careful when you ask him about it.

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  1. I like beer also. But, I’m not gonna be an asshole about it like Kavanaugh has been.

    Speaking of has beens, shouldn’t Kavanaugh be one by now?

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  2. Actor Samuel L. Jackson, who famously portrayed hitman Jules Winnfield in Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 classic “Pulp Fiction,” responded to a viral Twitter video of his character “grilling” Brett Kavanaugh.
    In the video, Winnfield’s iconic monologue at the beginning of the movie is cut together with moments from Kavanaugh’s Thursday testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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