He-Man Women Hater


It’s not a mystery why Donald Trump hates women. It’s because he’s afraid of them. He’s especially intimidated if they’re stronger and smarter than he is which describes every liberal woman. The only mystery with Trump and women is why so many still support him, and why they ever did in the first place.

Trump likes to float the lie that he won the women vote. He only won the white women vote, which may mean he believes only white women matter.

It’s not surprising when Trump insults women. He also insults the handicapped, brown people, black people, gay people, veterans, journalists, dogs, etc. He’s just an all-around hateful, vile, disgusting pig of a human being. But, he really relishes insulting women. He does it to the point that at times he may not even be aware he’s doing it.

Women who know Trump don’t want anything to do with him. According to reports, Karen Pence, the Second Lady, and Mike Pence’s wife and mother, refused to shake his hand on election night, and wouldn’t even let Mike kiss her (nobody should be kissing someone they call “Mother” anyway). His daughter, Ivanka, jokes about his botched hair transplant, and his own wife insists on sleeping in a separate bedroom, preferably in another state if she can work it out. At this moment, she’s in another bedroom on a different continent.

Trump has insulted Ruth Bader Ginsburg (only weights 60 pounds), Sonya Sotomayor (ha-ha diabetes), Hillary Clinton (crooked), Carly Fiorina (ugly face), Elizabeth Warren (Pocahontas), Heidi Cruz (ugly face again), Mika Brzezinski (ugly bleeding face), Rosie O’Donnell (fat, ugly face), Megyn Kelly (blood coming out of her “wherever”), Katy Tur (third-rate journalist), Maureen Dowd (wacky columnist), Katarina Witt (built like a linebacker), Angelina Jolie (not beautiful), Cher (wears a rug and had plastic surgeries), Arianna Huffington (understands why her husband left her for a man), Heidi Klum (sadly no longer a 10), and Alicia Machado (Miss Piggy).

On Monday, during a press conference for replacing NAFTA with NotNAFTA, Trump continued to insult women. As ABC’s Cecilia Vega was about to ask Trump a question about Kavanaugh, Trump said, “You’re not thinking. You never do.”

At a rally in Mississippi on Tuesday night, Trump lit into Christine Blasey Ford, who he previously said was credible. He mocked Blasey Ford and even lied about what she couldn’t remember from when she claims Trump’s SCOTUS nominee attacked her. Trump has previously questioned why women who accuse men of assault wait so long to report it. Maybe, because the most powerful man in the world will take to a stage before a bunch of Mississippi hillbillies and start mocking them. The worst part, the Trump rally crowd was laughing and eating it up.

Earlier in the day, Trump said, it is a “very scary time for young men in America when you can be guilty of something that you may not be guilty of.” No. He wasn’t talking about the dangers young black men face from police brutality. He was talking about men facing the risks of being falsely accused by women. Of course, Trump has never expressed concern for women who are sexually assaulted. That’s because Trump is a sexual assaulter. He is the man who boasted that he’s “grabbed them by the pussy,” and moved on a married woman “like a bitch” while his wife was at home with his newborn son.

You would think the Republicans weren’t concerned about the women vote this November. This year, a record number of women are running for office, with 185 party nominees for House seats. Yet, The Republicans are trying to ram through a SCOTUS nominee who has been credibly accused of assault on women, and they send a president out to rallies to mock survivors of sexual assault. There are two more Trump rallies this week.

Hopefully, the “Blue Wave” moves on Trump “like a bitch” and makes this a very scary time in America for Republicans.

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  1. Mike Brzezinski = Mika

    ‘“very scary time for young men in America when you can be guilty of something that you may not be guilty of.”’ – this sentence of his makes no sense – maybe a Freudian slip and the first ‘guilty’ should’ve been ‘accused’?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. dump is a complete idiot. But he knows how to single-out what he hates the most. In this case he got to take a swing at 3 of the things he hates the most. The press and women and minorities.

    Liked by 1 person

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