Princess Complicit


Designing second-rate handbags made in third-world countries by eight-year-old children does not make you qualified to discuss diplomatic strategy with the president of South Korea. Inheriting wealth and building a career of creating havens for money launderers does not make you qualified to negotiate peace in the Middle East. Being a trust-fund baby does not qualify you to have access to classified information.

Being related to Donald Trump does not make you qualified for government service or a job in the White House. Being Donald Trump doesn’t make you qualified to be in the White House. If anything, being Donald Trump, or anyone related to him, makes you uniquely unqualified to be anywhere near the White House. You shouldn’t even be allowed on the White House tour.

Despite all that, Ivanka Trump and her squeaky-voiced husband are senior advisers to the president of the United States. During an interview while in South Korea leading the American delegation during the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, Ivanka stated that she and Jared did not want any special treatment in their roles working for the president. I didn’t realize everyone in the Trump White House was able to leave work multiple times a year for vacations in Aspen and the Bahamas.

The FBI has been unable to clear Ivanka or Jared for a permanent security clearance. Chief of Staff John Kelly declared last Friday the deadline for obtaining a permanent clearance to continue to have access to classified information. Last Friday was last Friday. It’s behind us. Jared and Ivanka, who don’t want special treatment, are still in the White House with access to classified information.

Not only that, Ivanka, along with Jared, is in the White House using a private email account for government business. Maybe someone should start a lock-her-up chant.

Ivanka wanted to go to Washington and play government by representing women issues. Yet, each time she’s confronted with the fact that Daddy Bone-Spurs has grabbed more women than cheeseburgers, Princess Complicit has been silent, until now.

During an interview with NBC, which will probably be the last time she ever does an interview with a news outlet other than Fox News, she was asked, “do you believe your father’s accusers?”

Complicit Barbie expressed feigned indignation and said, “I think it’s a pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter if she believes the accusers of her father when he’s affirmatively stated there’s no truth to it.”

That’s when the interviewer should have rephrased the question and asked, “do you believe your boss’ accusers?”

If someone had asked Tiffany Trump that question then the answer would have been totally acceptable. Tiffany is merely her father’s daughter. Ivanka, on the other hand, is not. Ivanka is a senior White House adviser who has stated she doesn’t want special treatment. So, since she’s to be treated like everyone else working for the president, she should be able to answer a simple question.

She should answer why she finds Roy Moore’s accusers believable, but not the more than a dozen who claim her father sexually assaulted them. She should be asked about her father’s lawyer gifting a porn star $130,000. She should be forced to answer about her father and Playboy Playmates. She should state whether she believes her father’s own words about grabbing vaginas and walking in on teenage girls while they’re undressed.

Nepotism laws were made to prevent people like Ivanka and Jared from working in the government. Donald Trump hasn’t had any problem filling government positions with a variety of incompetent, greedy, useless, and horrible people without dipping into his gene pool, or those who married into it. Ivanka and Jared should return to New York and go back into the handbag and money laundering businesses.

There’s a rule in politics that you leave the children alone. There isn’t a rule that White House advisers are untouchable. Ivanka needs to decide if she wants to be her father’s daughter or a servant of the United States government.

It’s a hard choice because she’s doing a crappy job at both.

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