Wife Beaters For Trump


Rob Porter is the staff secretary for the White House, a title that downplays the significance of the position.

The staff secretary is really the assistant to the chief of staff, which makes him a gatekeeper to the Oval Office, who gets to see the president, and what information gets to the president. Porter even had a hand in crafting the State of the Union address, which might explain why it was so slappy.

Porter resigned Wednesday after a British tabloid, the Daily Mail, brought to light accusations that he was emotionally and physically abusive to his ex-wives. That’s not a typo. Wives. Plural. He gave one a black eye and the other obtained an emergency protective order against him after he broke into her home.

Par for the course for this White House, they didn’t care and tried to downplay it. They knew about the accusations for over year, as both of his exes told the FBI in January 2017 of the allegations while they were being interviewed for Porter’s security clearance. Porter has not had a security clearance in all this time, much like Jared Kushner and Sebastian Gorka (before he resigned and is an international fugitive).

Trump himself has been accused of violence by his first wife who later retracted her claim. This in addition to over a dozen accusations of him sexually assaulting women along with his boasting about groping women without asking and barging into dressing rooms full of naked teenage girls.

Kelly even tried to talk Porter into staying, telling him these accusations shouldn’t be taken seriously. Kelly, once thought of as a moderating presence who was cheered by many when he took the job, has turned into one big disappointment. It worked for a day as Porter decided not to leave until a photo emerged of one of his exes’ black eye.

Typical for Republicans, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch defended Porter until the photo showed up. Hatch didn’t have all the details before he commented, much like the entire party was with the FISA memo. Orrin went from “It’s incredibly discouraging to see such a vile attack on such a decent man,” to “I am heartbroken by today’s allegations.” Heartbroken, I’m sure, that it got out.

Porter is also dating Hope Hicks, who went from being a fashion model to helping Ivanka sell clothing made by children in third-world countries, to doing whatever the hell her job is for Donald Trump. It’s not surprising that a woman will help a vulgar man like Donald Trump push his agenda would get all dreamy eyed for the likes of a Rob Porter.

Why any woman would want to advocate and vote for the Trump agenda is befuddling. You would think anyone who voted for Trump would see through the lies and broken promises as “clean” coal is not coming back and Mexico is not paying for the wall. You’re paying for the wall and Trump is willing to shut down the government until you do.

White women, in particular, got it bad when it comes to Trump. White women in Alabama even supported Roy Moore. It’s puzzling that these women don’t believe the numerous sexual allegations against these men despite very convincing evidence and Trump’s own admittance to assaulting women. It continues to baffle me how anyone, especially women, can believe Hillary Clinton is dishonest while they support Trump.

While it’s surprising white women refused to vote for a white woman who advanced issues important to them, I know we can’t expect women to vote for a woman just because she’s a woman. But, how about expecting women to vote for a woman because she’s more qualified, accomplished, experienced and not a raging racist narcissistic lunatic with self-esteem issues?

I will never understand why a woman will stay in an abusive relationship. The one you’re in now, white women, will never treat you right.

Today’s video:

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  1. Well said Clay. Abusive relationships are all about showing attention. Even negative attention is what these women want. It isn’t until someone begins pointing it out that abused women begin getting the message.
    in speaking to women who blindly support Rump, they immediately point to something Hillary was supposed to have done.
    In the workplace, some women hate a female boss.
    Curiouser and curiouser.

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  2. Abuse in all its forms is basically about power, and we all know how SCROTUS and his administration feel about having power. Being a white woman who voted for Clinton, I am amazed that there really are that many women who let others influence how they vote; like voting the way their husbands tell them to or thinking they must have the same political opinions as their husbands. This may have more to do with age and geography (such as older like me, and more southern unlike me). A strange cultural aberration.

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  3. “I will never understand why a woman will stay in an abusive relationship.” As I understand it, often the man threatens to kill her if she leaves, and she’s got good reason to believe him on that. It takes a lot of guts and a good support system for her to get out.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Or, the abuser (male or female, of course) threatens to kill him/herself if the victim leaves. They play on the victim’s empathy, not to mention the fact that the abuser tends to isolate his/her victim from friends, family, & any support system.

      It’s also the most dangerous time when a victim leaves his/her abuser. The abuser is far more likely to kill the victim at that time. 😥

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