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You may have missed this story from last week as it was overshadowed by a government shutdown, shitholes, Davos, The Women’s March, DACA, Tide Pods, Republican conspiracy theories, and Trump’s weekly attempt to obstruct justice and slime his way through the presidency. But, what may have transpired while Trump was sliming his way toward the presidency is that Russians helped him through the National Rifle Association.

We know Russia helped elect Donald Trump. That’s a fact. We also know there was collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, no matter how many times Trump says “no collusion,” which has become how he starts and finishes every statement he’ll ever make for the rest of his life. Inviting Russians to Trump Tower to provide dirt on Hillary Clinton and trading messages with Wikileaks is the very definition of collusion. It also hasn’t helped that Trump has spent his entire presidency groveling to Vladimir Putin as if the guy has something on him as if they were in a “Stormy” relationship.

During the campaign, Trump made a visit to the National Rifle Association’s convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Most people go to Kentucky for horse racing and bourbon. Trump went to meet porn stars. Oops, that’s Vegas. Trump went to meet Russians. Yes, at the NRA convention, Trump met up with Aleksandr Torshin, a good buddy of Vladimir’s, a mobster, and deputy director of the Russian central bank. Why would a Russian mobster fly to Kentucky to visit Donald Trump?

On a side note, last week’s school shooting happened in Kentucky.

Besides meeting up with Russian mobster pals of Putin’s in Kentucky at an NRA convention, Russia may have used the Republican’s favorite fundraising organization to funnel money to the Trump campaign. There are several connections between Russia and the NRA (click the link above).

Trump supporters have made a lot of sacrifices to back their guy. They’ve given up their dignity. Evangelicals have given up the right to preach, bitch, scream and pretend family values and morals are important to them. Republicans can’t pretend they’re more patriotic than Democrats as they’re closing their eyes and allowing Russia to attack our nation. They also can’t pretend they care about law enforcement since they’re spending all their leisure time attacking the FBI for investigating that Russian collusion thing. They can’t even criticize future Democratic presidents in the future for vacationing and golfing too much.

Before Trump even became president, the GOP lost the argument that they’re the pro-life party and care about children as they’ve stood by and watched school shooting after school shooting kill American children. They’ve haven’t been entirely inactive on the issue, as they continue to take money from the biggest proponent of no-gun legislation ever, the NRA.

Now, the party that has refused to defend our nation from Russia, refused to defend our children from gun violence and has refused to defend us from stupidity, gets to help the champions of the Second Amendment, the NRA, wash Putin stank of them.

Does the GOP really advocate protection for anyone in this nation? Can someone please tell me what it is the Republican Party is doing for the United States other than helping rich people get richer?

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