Fire And Fury


Today sucked. The Washington Post reported that North Korea can now miniaturize a nuclear warhead, our worst people are on the case, and drawing a fallout shelter stuck a tune from the rock band Fallout Boy in my head. This day was truly terrible.

After the report was published about the DPRK and their nukes, we waited for the president to respond. It’s time to be presidential. He tweeted. He attacked “fake polls” and the “Amazon” Washington Post. Honestly, I think we’re all a little surprised his first response to the North Korea problem wasn’t weighing in on the Chris Pratt/Anna Faris divorce.

Finally, he commented on the North Korea situation and…now we all need bomb shelters. As one of those cartoon gangsters once told Bugs Bunny, “shut up shutting up.” Donald Trump needs to shut up.

We are not to trade rhetorical and bombastic statements with North Korea. There’s no telling what sort of crazy fucker you’re dealing with who issues statements about “fire and fury like the world has never seen,” and that was just from our leader. The North Koreans issued something about us being “wolves trying to strangle them”, which doesn’t even work.

Donald Trump is the last person on the planet who should get into a dick measuring contest. If you challenge North Korea with that sort of threat, there’s a good chance they’re gonna whip it out and you’re gonna see that dick. Nobody wants to see either of these two men’s dicks.

North Korea responded by pointing their dick at Guam. It doesn’t help matters that Trump can’t find Guam on a map.

It was all amusing, fun, and games with Trump content to ruining our health care, education, civil rights, environment, and becoming an international embarrassment. But, now his fuckery is putting lives in danger. Citizens from at least four nations are threatened between two man-babies with nuclear weapons. From the sound of it, both want to see a mushroom cloud in the very near future.

Now is the time when Republicans need to stand up and oppose Donald Trump. We can’t afford to wait for his support to wane from his idiotic base. Why should lives be threatened because stupid people worship a cult of personality? We need leadership now.

A new poll shows seven out of ten people don’t believe anything that’s coming out of the White House. Trump said those are fake polls, but seven out of ten people didn’t buy that. Another poll says a majority of Americans don’t believe Trump can handle North Korea. That’s because he can’t handle North Korea.

We can’t afford another three and a half years of Trump because we can’t afford “fire and fury.”

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  1. You are so witty! You just made me laugh out loud (extremely rare) about our current state of affairs (it was the dick whipping). In times like these we need people like you. Thank you!

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  2. I don’t know. Republican representatives are the same people who wanted to take health care away from millions of people (& were only swayed by those millions calling & sending letters to them). They didn’t care about those people dying. Why would they care about our military men & women (thousands of them transgender, who may need to be recalled from the front line) dying? Or people from another country?

    We’re screwed, aren’t we? 😥


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