Know Your Poles


Those Coca Cola commercials that appear around Christmas where polar bears are playing with penguins have always pissed me off. A few years ago, a colleague of mine drew a cartoon that had both polar bears and penguins in it, without any reference to that being part of the joke. Ugh. I also saw a cartoon today of Kim Jong Un’s shadow being cast over the United States…and it was coming from Europe.

I know I can be a real stick in the mud over such things that may seem trivial to others. But, I think it’s kinda important to know a few details, whether you’re writing commercials, drawing editorial cartoons, or heading up the Environmental Protection Agency.

A report put together by several government agencies warning about climate change was leaked to the press this week. Why would something like that have to be leaked? Because, some people in those agencies are worried the Trump administration will suppress the report…or worse yet, deliver it to him underneath the stack of pro-Trump propaganda binders he receives twice a day.

Creative Notes: Short blog for this as it’s a bonus cartoon. I’ll be drawing again later tonight or super early in the morning. I really liked this idea and I wanted to do it.

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