Twitter Diplomacy


I don’t have faith that a man who can’t handle insults by a television morning show host, can handle an international crisis that threatens the life of millions of people. I can’t see a man who dishes out childish, petty immature insults, being diplomatic with a tyrant who is leading a rogue state. A man who retweets violent GIFS off Reddit isn’t one to educate the world on peace.

China and Russia got together and said the United States can do its part in decreasing the hostile atmosphere on the Korean peninsula by ending its war games with South Korea. With that statement, they’re comparing our nation’s behavior with that of the DPRK. That would be an outlandish comparison if our leader wasn’t also a crazy-haired juvenile narcissist screaming about fake news and conducting public temper tantrums over stuff that doesn’t exist.

On Monday, a day before our Independence Day, North Korea launched another missile. Experts on such military stuff say this was an ICBM and that the rogue state may have reached the ability to strike as far as Alaska. No one outside that secretive state knows when they’ll acquire the capability to arm a missile like this with a nuclear weapon. Trump handled the situation with a tweet.

He tweeted out, “North Korea has just launched another missile. Does this guy have anything better to do with his life? Hard to believe that South Korea and Japan will put up with this much longer. Perhaps China will put a heavy move on North Korea and end this nonsense once and for all!

I’m sure that exclamation point will show Kim Jong Un that Trump is serious. Publicly pondering why Kim doesn’t have anything better to do is childish. Kim doesn’t have talk show host to battle with or hold reelection fundraisers six months after entering office. I don’t think Kim plays golf or waste hours a day gauging his press coverage on television (maybe if Fox And Friends would say something nice about him).

Trump also questions why South Korea and Japan puts up with the threat of North Korea. He should remember that the president of China told him it’s not as easy of a situation as he thought it was as a candidate. Urging our allies in Asia to develop and arm themselves with their own nukes isn’t a responsible or safe solution.

Trump has criticized the way former U.S. presidents have dealt with North Korea, but sitting around tweeting and playing golf while hoping China takes care of it will be doing less than nothing to solve the crisis.

Trump claims he has the best words, and from those words he chooses to describe what North Korea does as “bad.” He’s also considering doing “pretty severe things.” The man has everything except a thesaurus. In the film “Kingpin,” Woody Harrelson is asked what the Bible says about “not forgiving people.” He answers “it’s against it.” Like Woody in that movie, Trump needs to study the problems he’s supposed to understand and that he claims he’s the only one who can fix.

Trump’s ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley (who has no previous experience in foreign policy), read a statement about North Korea that sounded like it was coming from a middle school student who had just learned about North Korea by writing a C- report on the nation. She also tweeted out that thanks to North Korea she had to spend her Fourth in meetings.

There’s another quote from Kingpin that comes to mind. It’s, “everybody run! There’s a shit cloud coming!”

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  1. All I can see is this chubby little infantile with a bad haircut, running around with a stupid look of glee on its face, cuz his rocket took off (sexual connotation intended) along with United States older decrepit version punching out the media (oh Donnie you’re such a tough dog, you are) in a playpen that they erected (connotation intended again), while they live in lascivious obscurity, never missing a meal, never being without the best. They are obscene, dark, soulless & completely empty.

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