Gettin’ Freaky At The Summit


During the G20 Summit this week Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will hold a meeting one-on-one in Hamburg (Trump voters, that’s in Germany).

Putin will surely ask, or order Trump to give back the two Russian compounds in the U.S. that the Obama administration seized for Russia’s meddling in our election. I’m sure he’ll also bring up U.S. sanctions against Russia.

Trump is expected to talk about the increasing threat of North Korea…and Mika Brzezinski, fake news, his poll numbers, large crowds, how God stops the rain for him, and that he won Michigan. He is not expected to bring up the subject of Russia’s interference in our election, as he believes that’s a hoax (but three million people voting illegally is a real thing).

Putin is a master manipulator. He brought large dogs to a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel because she’s afraid of dogs. To intimidate Trump, Putin will probably bring stairs and Mexicans. After George W. Bush met Putin he said that he looked in his eyes and “saw his soul.”

Manipulating Trump should be easy for Putin. Putin studies people and prepares for meetings. Trump does not. Trump has made it clear that he craves adulation. The Saudis heaped it on him in massive quantities in the form of giant billboards, glowing orbs, and sword dances. He allowed the President of China to give him a history lesson on China and Korea…which took ten minutes and two pieces of chocolate cake.

When Putin asked Trump to meet with the Russian ambassador, Trump obediently hosted the guy in the Oval Office and revealed classified information to him.

Trump’s tweets provide valuable insights into the fragile mind and ego of the man-baby president. He’s revealed he’s more focused on his personal slights than policy. That he doesn’t understand policy. He’s barely literate. He doesn’t respect the rule of the law, the Constitution, his political allies, our foreign allies, and that he disrespects his own office. One vulnerability Putin has surely noticed is that Trump lies, and loves to hear confirmation bias. Putin will find ways to feed that to his benefit.

Putin can disparage our previous president and compare Trump favorably. That will probably get him not only the seized Russian compounds in New York and Maryland but also the entire states of New York and Maryland.

Putin has probably taken note Trump has a tendency to make up policy as he goes along. He ditched affirming our defense of NATO allies, despite it being written into his speech. He celebrated on the White House lawn the House’s repeal and replacement of Obamacare, only to turn around later and say it was too “mean.” He’s tweeted a desire to work with China and today tweeted that he’s basically giving up on working with China.

It will be interesting to see how Trump interacts and comments on Putin compared to how he treats our allies during this summit. Trump has yet to say anything negative about Putin…ever. He loves the guy so much that he’s said multiple times how they’ve met and had a good relationship, though the meeting this week will be their first.

I hope for his and our nation’s sake, that Trump practices safe meetings.

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  1. Dubai said that he “saw Putin’s soul.” Most of us know that the former KGB doesn’t have one.

    I don’t want to think about how Donnie is going to gush all over his idol like a teenybopper meeting her favorite boy band. Someone really needs to hold up a banner reminding the world that “Most of us voted against him!” Putin is going to play this toddler like a kazoo.


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