Firing Comey


How bad has it become that the Nixon Library doesn’t want their guy compared to Donald Trump?

The library tweeted out that Nixon never fired a director of the FBI and used the hashtag “Not Nixonian.” Usually presidents are avoiding being compared to Nixon and Watergate, not the other way around.

The official reasoning for Director James Comey’s firing is that it’s based upon the recommendation of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein faulted Comey’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s emails when he sent letters to Congress last July, and again last October eleven days before the election.

While Rosenstein’s concern may be completely sincere, Trump is not. Trump celebrated Comey’s release of details of the Clinton investigation. He shouted it from the rooftops during his campaign and said “He brought back his reputation,” and “It took a lot of guts.” His only fault with Comey was that he wasn’t bringing charges against Clinton. So don’t tell me that Trump cares about due process in regards to Hillary Clinton. If you believe that then I will sell you a hamburger my dog made with his butt.

Democrats were no fan of James Comey. Many thought he should have been fired during the Obama administration. Not for investigations, but for his handling of the Clinton information. Firing a man who is investigating your campaign doesn’t pass the smell test.

When acting Attorney General Sally Yates warned Trump about National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, it took Trump 18 days to fire him. He only fired Flynn when the Post got wind of it, and continues to defend the guy and express resentment he was made to fire him. Instead of firing Flynn immediately, he fired Yates. Later he fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara whose jurisdiction covered Trump Tower and was reportedly looking into foreign banks with ties to Trump and stock deals made by Trump’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Price. Now he has fired the man who heads the department investigating his campaign’s collusion with the Russian government.

The timing is suspicious. He fired Comey the day after his administration was embarrassed by Yates’s Senate Hearing. He fired Comey while he was on the west coast which makes you wonder who has access to his files. Tomorrow, Trump is meeting with Russia’s foreign minister. I’m sure they’re interested in how their investment is doing. Trump even mentioned the investigation in his letter notifying Comey of his firing. I’m sure tomorrow it’ll be the header photo on his Twitter page. Nothing suspicious here, folks. Move along.

Trump said he lost confidence in Comey. How are we supposed to have confidence in Trump, or who he chooses to replace Comey? Does anyone, other than Trump suck-ups, trust that the new director will be fully independent and do what’s in the nation’s best interest, not Trump’s? This man once thought Michael Flynn should be his National Security Adviser. With that “terrific” judgement, who will he think would be a great head of the FBI? Giuliani?

Comey was not fired because of his handling of the Clinton investigation. He was fired for investigating Trump. The New York Times Editorial Board writes “Mr. Comey was fired because he was leading an active investigation that could bring down a president.”

We are all living in Watergate. It’s time for a Special Counsel to investigate the Trump team because the cover-up has begun. This should be non-partisan and Republicans should stop being sycophants and lapdogs and join with Democrats and do what’s best for the nation, not the party or cult of personality.

Anyone who defends Trump’s handling of this is not a patriot. The Resistance should not be just a liberal or Democratic Party movement. It should be a movement to save our Democracy. We can disagree on basically everything in the world but we should all align against corruption.

I’m waiting to see which Republicans will step up to be on the correct side of history.

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  1. About the Republicans who might be/are stepping up to be on the correct side of history, I’ve been pretty surprised that my representative in Congress, Mr. Leonard Lance (R), has been voting for his people. Meaning, he’s been voting against Herr Drumpf’s wishes.

    I called & wrote him an email before the initial healthcare vote – he voted “no.” He also voted “no” against the most recent resurrection (zombie bill!!!). I’m hoping he keeps up this record, but I know I’ll be contacting him about this matter… & many, many more in the future as they come up. 🙂


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