The Right Stuff


John Glenn was the right stuff. All those people on the right side of this cartoon, eh not so much.

American hero John Glenn died Thursday at the age of 95.  Glenn captivated the nation as the first American to orbit the planet. He helped put the nation ahead of the Soviet Union in the space race and brought national pride to his nation. The man was a true patriot which is something more than what kind of hat you wear.

Glenn was celebrated and appreciated for his achievement. He was welcomed to the White House, spoke before both houses of Congress, and given a ticker-tape parade down Broadway, which is something only championship football teams receive anymore. His and his colleagues story was later immortalized in the film “The Right Stuff.”

Glenn was later elected and served 24 years in the United States Senate representing his home state of Ohio. He ran for president in 1984 but for some reason the Democratic party thought Walter Monday was a better choice to face an incumbent president Reagan.

Glenn was willing to sacrifice his life for his nation by orbiting the planet in what was basically a sardine can. By comparison our new president-elect says he sacrificed by getting laid a lot and by doing such good business. His ego orbits the planet.

I ran out of room in this cartoon for all the questionable people Donald Trump is packing into his administration.

We have his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway who brags how Trump can kill an American company at the stock market with just one tweet. Ben Dr. Sleepy McStabby Carson says he’s not qualified to run a government agency so Trump puts him in charge of HUD. We have a director of the EPA who hates the environment, a head of Education who hates education, and a Labor chief who sells sex with hamburgers and wants to replace American workers with robots. Wrestling magnate Linda McMahon will head the Small Business Administration which may not be as ridiculous as it looks on paper, but it’s another reward to a billionaire who pumped money into the Trump campaign along with his fake charity where the proceeds purchase trinkets for Trump. Trumps National Security Adviser hates Muslims and loves fake news. We can’t forget about the Nazi who will be Trump’s chief strategist.

Our nation could use a little more class and integrity that John Glenn brought. That was the “Right Stuff.” What we have today, and for the next four years, it’s just really nasty stuff.

I don’t want any of it.

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