Repeal The 19th?


I have a friend name Jams. Really, her name is Jams. She’s weird like me and an amazing artist, unlike me, so you automatically know she’s cool. She sent me a note that I should do something on all the Trump freaks who are calling for a repeal of the 19th Amendment. I was shocked. Shocked I tell you. Trump supporters are familiar with an Amendment other than the 2nd? Which one of you guys told them?

FiveThirtyEight is a statistics-driven website that focuses on opinion poll analysis, economics, and stuff like that. I had read a story previously where they posted of hypothetical outcomes if only men voted, and another if only women voted, in the presidential election. I wasn’t aware it had triggered some Trump people to call for a repeal of the 19th.

When I got Jams note I replied that I had heard something about it but I probably wouldn’t cover it. I can’t draw a cartoon on everything idjit Trump supporters rail about. There’s only seven days in a week and I’m only getting three hours sleep a day/night now as it is. I don’t even have time to prepare a meal more advanced than Hot Pockets. But I read the story anyway. I changed my mind.

People who are accusing the system of being rigged if Trump loses wants to rig the system so Trump can win. Of course these are the same people who believe the press has a left-wing bias against them and are currently engaging in a conspiracy to elect Hillary Clinton, but promote information hacked by Russian spies. You know, patriots.

I should explain the 19th Amendment if you’re a Trump supporter late to the party because your Klan meeting went over schedule: In 1920 the United States passed the amendment giving women the right to vote. Currently only Vatican City is the only place in the world that doesn’t allow women to vote and even then the only guys voting are old Cardinals (no Trumpsters. Not birds).

Many Trump supporters are towing the campaign’s line of sexism and misogyny and are yelling to repeal the Amendment though they probably don’t know what all that entails and just how hard it would be to do, even if it was a popular movement with people who aren’t knuckleheads. It has to pass through a majority of states, then go back to Congress, and it’s way too complicated for an exhausted cartoonist to explain to mooks right now.

After FiveThirtyEight showed there would be a massive electoral landslide for Trump if only men voted (and one for Clinton if only women voted) #RepealThe19th started trending on Twitter. Even female Trump supporters are in favor of this stupid movement. Trump supporters want the United States to be less progressive than Saudi Arabia.

For people who claim they love the Constitution, they sure do crap on it a lot. They want to ban Muslims from entering the country (the 1st Amendment allows free expression of religion) and they want to punish the press for publishing information (which is also protected by the 1st). They want to jail their political opponents, which the Constitution also frowns upon. Now they hate the 19th Amendment.

One female Trump supporter tweeted “I would be willing to give up my right to vote to make this happen.” Another went with “men should never have given women the right to vote.” To be fair, I can’t blame the candidate for stupid supporters who want him to oppress them….no. I can blame him. He’s built a stupid hateful campaign that attracts stupid hateful people. People stupid enough to give up their rights, that didn’t come easy in the first place, so they can live in the hateful, racist, xenophobic environment of their dreams.

I wonder how they’d feel if only men were allowed to own guns? How about the right to Tweet?

If Trump is the Willy Wonka of hatred, his supporters aren’t Oompa Loompas. They’re the greedy kids, Violet Beauregarde, Veruca Salt, and Augustus Gloop, who feeds on the junk Trump is feeding that they eventually turn purple and fat and the Oompas have to roll them out of the building.

All that sugar isn’t going to leave them in any sort of shape where they can start a revolution. But, we’ll see them coming.

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  1. It’s not true that they only cling to the second amendment, they also worry about the twentyfirst. It’s ok to tramp over all the rest, but don’t take away their guns, or their beer.


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