Giggity Trump


After hearing a new allegation of Trump’s sexual transgressions, this one about looking up women’s skirts, I thought “he sounds like Quagmire.”

Despite being a dirty, disgusting, sex offender, Quagmire is easily my favorite character on Family Guy. Karma usually works out and he gets what’s coming to him.

I didn’t put a lot of effort into this cartoon and will draw another tonight. I just thought it’d be a lot of fun and that there will be audience for it.

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  1. Well, Clay, you’re certainly right. Since I don’t watch TV and never heard of Family Guy, much less Quagmire, I checked ’em out on YouTube. He’s Trump all right. Thanks for the illumination. Needed that. 😦


  2. Trump is deviant and deceptive like Quagmire is but knowing how the character behaviors are, I don’t think Glen Quagmire would ever be a Trump supporter. He Loves women too much! Trump Hates women.


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