Someone’s Sick


If I was a conspiracy theorist, like most conservatives, I would believe that Hillary Clinton is faking her pneumonia just to troll Trump supporters to prove how deplorable they really are.

Last week Clinton had a coughing fit at a rally and conservatives had a fit. Speculations went from her having a cold to Parkinson’s Disease. Others thought a scratchy throat is an implication of a brain tumor. That’s like checking the air in your tires if your car won’t start.

Today at a commemoration for 9/11 Clinton felt woozy and was dehydrated. She needed assistance getting into a vehicle to go to her daughter’s nearby home. Conservatives nation wide immediately expressed compassion and concern for her health. Ha! Of course not.

They rejoiced and started up with new theories and speculations. It’s a little disconcerting that the voters who might put Trump over the top to win the presidency believe alien lizard people are secretly controlling us.

Hillary Clinton is sick. You would think Trump’s supporters would take this golden opportunity to prove her incorrect that they are not “deplorable” people. Massive fail on their part. They took the bait, swallowed, and they don’t even know it.

Grover Cleveland had a cancerous tumor removed from his mouth that required not just artificial teeth, but a prosthetic jaw to speak, and he continued to govern (though the entire procedure was done in secret on a yacht. These were the decades before network news and TMZ). Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke which left him partially paralyzed while in office, which was also kept secret. Franklin Roosevelt was handicapped and guided our nation through the Great Depression and victory in a world war fought on two fronts. Ike suffered a heart attack while in office and kept governing. Ford couldn’t walk the steps of Air Force One without falling down. Reagan was shot, nearly died, reelected, and governed through Alzheimers disease. George H.W. Bush threw up on the Japanese prime minister. His son, George W., almost died in office because he can’t chew his food. Yet for some reason having pneumonia is a deal breaker for the presidency. Never mind the fact that her opponent hasn’t released any serious health records, at least none better than you can get from a barber working out of a van in a strip mall.

OK. Hillary’s campaign handled it poorly. They shielded Clinton from her press pool. Maybe they’re still not being entirely honest. Maybe they were overly concerned and in panic mode. But a cough and dizziness from pneumonia is not enough evidence to start up the Inforwars and 4chan conspiracies. But then again, these are the same people whose faith that Obama was not born in the United States was based solely on the color of his skin.

I know this is falling on deaf, ignorant, and stupid ears, to my conservative friends: Hillary Clinton called you out. She said you’re deplorable. You got upset. You expressed outrage. Within 24 hours you proved her right.

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  1. Is it fair to call them Conservatives? Shouldn’t they be named the Crazies? Afterall the Dems have a Conservative part of the Party.


  2. Maybe I’m not getting it as I’ve lived in Canada for the past 5 years, but can’t these conservatives just go to a doctor and get their feelings checked since they’ve obviously got a bad case of butt hurt?


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