Deportation Happy Face


I wrote that Donald Trump would go to Mexico, suck up to Mexicans and later that night he’d go to Arizona and bitch about Mexicans. That prediction came true as Trump is promising to start kicking immigrants out of the United States within his first hour of taking office.

My other prediction was that there would be a he-said, he-said after the meeting in Mexico City. Yup, that happened too.

During the little press conference he held with Mexico’s president Trump said the issue of who pays for his border wall didn’t come up. That’s really freaking bizarre since that’s his core issue. It’s the platform that won him the nomination. It’s the issue that’s gained him so much love from white supremacists and other racist groups.

Later in the day Peña Nieto said he kicked off his meeting with Trump by stating Mexico will not pay for the ridiculous wall. Today Trump tweeted out how Mexico will pay for the wall and the Mexican prez tweeted back that that’s not happening. I half expected a twitter war of “will too, will not, will too, will not, etc.”

It’s not that I’m really good at predictions as much as we know Trump lies. This proves Trump is not only a liar but like most racists, he’s also a coward.

Speaking of currying favor and love from racist groups, Trump is using the phrase “America First” and he’s going to give us a “special” deportation task force. You would think if this guy and his supporters don’t want to be compared to Nazis that they’d stop acting like Nazis. I’m surprised he didn’t goose step out of Mexico.

A lot of people expected Trump to soften his Immigration plan. Some of his Latino supporters were so upset over his Arizona speech that they pulled their support. How did Latino Trump supporters not foresee things going badly with a Latino-hating presidential candidate who calls Mexicans rapists and murderers and wants to tear their families apart?

There is good news. One Latino supporter went on MSNBC and warned America that if Hillary Clinton is elected that there will be taco trucks on every corner. We won’t have a Donald Trump presidency and there will be taco trucks everywhere? America really is going to be great again!

Hillary might want to campaign on the taco-truck-on-every-corner platform.

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  1. I guess you didn’t know, Breaking the Law in AMERICA is ILLEGAL.
    Did you also know, ILLEGAL Aliens cost TAX PAYERS 500 billion Dollars per year,
    to feed and clothe? the reason they do, is simple, They are ILLEGAL they obtain ILLEGAL Social Security number and then the social workers get paid under the table to illegally claim unemployment benefits for themselves, mean while employers get damn near free, undocumented SLAVE labor.
    So, Yes, Trump did go to Mexico, not to kiss Mexican ass, but to discuss the reason why the poor Mexicans are coming to America by the droves illegally.
    They want a better life for themselves and their children, yet their are Mexicans willing to go through legal means to do the same thing and the keep dual citizenship, Pay Taxes, Serve in Our Military and live a Great life Legally.
    If you think it bad to ABide by the law, and cart all of the ILLagel Aliens out of America, think of it this way. You will have a Job waiting for you, future employers will call you to come in for work and you will be getting a steady pay check, NOt an ILLEGAL Alien.


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