Taco Trump

cjones09022016 - Copy (2)

This is just a fun sketch I made last night while thinking about ideas. Now I’m not sure if I like the idea. I haven’t decided if my clients are going to get this one.

I was thinking how President Peña Nieto had a golden opportunity, like the one Hugh Grant had in the chick flick Love Actually. He’s the prime minister of the UK and he gives a verbal smack down to the American president at a joint press conference. Nieto had that opportunity.

He had Trump on his stage, on his turf, in front of his people. He could have made a comment at the press conference that Mexico isn’t paying for the stupid wall, instead of waiting until Trump had left the country.

What he should have done was bring up Trump’s comments in the past about how Mexico’s government was in a plot to send criminals across the border. He could have reminded us that Trump has said Mexico is not a friend to the United States.

He should have said “Mr. Trump, Mexico is a great friend to the United States. You however, are not.” Then he could have dropped the mic and yelled “I’m done with this guy!”.

Instead, Nieto made himself as significant to Trump as that taco bowl photo op.

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  1. Thanks for the memories. “Love Actually” is one of my favorite flicks.
    I’m with you all the way. Nieto had a golden opportunity to just call Trump a bleeping liar.
    I liked your, “Then he could have dropped the mic and yelled “I’m done with this guy!”.
    That would have been so sweet.


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