Hola, Señor Trump


Donald Trump’s campaign isn’t making any sense for one that actually wants to win the presidency. The guy is staging rallies and wasting money in places that’s either in the bag like Texas and Mississippi, or wasting it in places he has no chance of winning and where the people totally hate him like Connecticut, Washington, Maine….Mexico.

Mexico? Not New Mexico? No. Mexico. The country. Old Mexico. Trump is going to Mexico (or depending on when you read this, went to Mexico). Not sure if he’s aware that there are Mexicans in Mexico.

Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto wants to meet with both major U.S. presidential candidates. Trump has taken him up on the offer and scheduled a hastily planned meeting in Mexico City before he stages a rally later in the day in Arizona where he plans to bitch about Mexicans. For once someone’s not meeting Trump at Trump Tower.

Nieto wants to discuss issues regarding relations between our two nations. Trump wants a photo op and will probably tell Nieto that he loves “The” Mexicans and has eaten a taco bowl to prove it. Maybe his visit will be an example to Nieto of what it’s like when an undesirable person from another country crosses the border.

I predict Trump will come out of the meeting and lie and say stuff about Mexico willing to pay for his stupid wall that’s never going to happen. Shortly after these lies President Nieto will contradict everything Trump claims.

I have one suggestion for The Donald during his trip: Drink the water.

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  1. The water suggestion won’t help. The Federal District has as good a water system as most of the US. He should go to Flint instead.


  2. At first glance, I found this to be a disturbing cartoon, and not just because I find Trump disturbing.

    It wasn’t clear to me at first which was the pinata, and which was the real Trump, especially since the pinata looks like it’s being hung by the neck (which originally made me think that Trump was being lynched).

    Maybe you could make the Trump pinata look a little less realistic and place some candy underneath or something?


    1. I was about to ask Clay which it was, myself, Hank. But if it’s a Trump piñata, I think it would probably be something nastier than candy that was falling to the ground.


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