Melania’s Plagiarism


I’m always interested in the speakers at the conventions, but more so with the GOP’s this year, as they’ve had a very difficult time getting anyone of any significance willing to speak at this dumpster fire. Half the roster is made up of Trump kids.

Rudy Giuliani did fine shouting from the podium. He riled everyone up. Three of the speakers said Hillary Clinton should be in prison. The opening pastor referred to Democrats as the enemy. Joni Ernst did fine if she’s a robot grandma. Then there was Melania Trump, Donald’s trophy wife.

Being the super model stepford immigrant wife that she is, I didn’t expect much. Not that she should be regarded as stupid, but she’s not a person who has ever accomplished anything other than marrying rich. She’s never been noted for intelligence. So I had low expectations.

First, Donald came out to introduce his fancy cardboard cutout to a Queen song. Leave it to the GOP to bash gays and then rip a song written by Freddy Mercury.

I was surprised. I thought she did fine. I mean, other than being Donald’s third wife while talking about how loyal he is. She also mentioned being with Donald for 18 years, though he divorced his last wife in 1999. You do the math. Then she talked about how hard work gets you where you are. Now I’d point out that she married into richness, but considering what she has to sleep with for that, let’s cut her some slack there.

But it turns out the rest of her idea of hard work is stealing parts of her speech from Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2008 convention. Now that’s a problem.

Republicans are bashing the Obama’s. They’ve been doing so for the past eight years. So to steal from “the enemy” is outrageous. Did Republicans like her speech? If so, that means they like what Michelle Obama has to say. This spittle’s going to turn slow.

We can blame the speech writer, except Melania gave an interview on NBC saying she wrote the speech herself with little help. But we know that’s not true (would a Trump lie?).

We could just cut her some slack and let the issue go away because Republicans have NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER criticized and piled on a First Lady….ever, ever, ever.

Immediately we look to blame a speech writer and wait for a head to come rolling down the steps of Trump Tower. But if Hillary Clinton did this in 1992 they would have accused of her killing the person she stole it from. If Michelle Obama did this in 2008 they would have lynched her. They already think her encouragement to children to eat more vegtables is some sort of new world order of Muslim socialism.

There’s trouble with this campaign. They can’t create a logo without an impression of jail rape. They can’t get anyone to speak. They can’t organize a convention. And apparently, they can’t write speeches without stealing them from Democrats.

The right thing to do would be for the speech writer to come forward, plea for mercy and resign. So naturally the Trump campaign denies anything was stolen and it’s all Hillary Clinton’s fault. Really. They did that. Since Donald Trump is a pathological liar he probably really believes his wife wrote the entire thing herself. Is pathological contagious?

I’m sure the Trump campaign spent all of Tuesday scrubbing and rewriting the rest of the Trump clan’s speeches. That’s too bad because I’d enjoy hearing Ivanka do “I’m all about that bass, about that bass, no treble.”

And yes. Part of Melania’s speech did “Rick Roll” the GOP convention.

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  1. And if the Trumpet were to win the election, I doubt he’d have any problem stealing the words out of Obama’s mouth, either, and if caught, he’d say Obama was the thief. The Donald has no problem with logic. By the way, I just heard on NPR that the Rep. campaign admitted that their speech writers wrote her speech. She’s not exactly an English speaker, so it’s ludicrous to think she wrote anything like that. If you’ve ever heard her interviewed, you can tell he didn’t marry her for her brains. I was relieved she didn’t show up in one of her g-strings.

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  2. Great post and cartoon today. I’ve been watching the news. Not the Repugnant Convention. The contributor for the Right on The Today Show came right out and she said it was plagiarism. Blew me away – and made me laugh. You sure keep up with the topical stuff, Clay. I can tell by the timing of your posts and emails to your fan base that sleep is an afterthought. Your posts show a lot of time, effort and research – and much appreciation I’m sure by those that follow you.

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    1. I really appreciate that. I hope, someone, somewhere, in a position of importance that can make hiring decisions, notices what you do. I don’t sleep, I keep up with the news, and I’m timely….and I’m better than most. Thank you again.

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  3. It’s not as though this is the first important thing in the campaign that was plagiarized. The motto “Make America Great Again” was Bill Clinton’s motto. I’ll send you the video of his speech saying that, Clay, since I can’t attach it here. Odd that I haven’t seen it mentioned. Where oh where would the Trump campaign be, if they didn’t have the Democrats’ brains to fall back on???


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