Make America Fear Again


I’m going to be drawing a LOT of cartoons this week. Maybe I’ll take a day off in August or September…or after the election.

When I was a kid and up to being a young adult, I always thought political parties had the same goal of wanting what’s best for our country while disagreeing about the best ways to do it. They’d go so far as to call the other side extreme or out of touch.

Today they label each other as enemies. It’s not just the Republicans but to be fair to the Democrats, they’ve had eight years of blind rage, lies, and racism directed toward President Obama (birthers, questioning his religion, gazillion dollar tax payer funded vacations, etc), and countless investigations to destroy Hillary Clinton.

Today the Republican nominee for president says there’s something going on with the current president regarding violence toward police and terrorism. He’s accused Obama of being born in Kenya. He calls his opponent a liar and a crook.

The theme for the first night of the Republican convention was “Make America Safe Again.” It was more like making America paranoid. They went beyond describing the nation as currently unsafe, and that the president has failed, doesn’t understand, and their opponent is dangerous. They accused Hillary Clinton of murder and said she belongs in prison.

So yeah. I’m going to be drawing a lot of cartoons this week.

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  1. Not exactly a funny topic; nothing funny about tonight’s Republican National Convention either. Fear has been working well for Republicans for a long time, and when you’re surrounded by ’em it starts to rub off on us regular folks as well, even my sister that shares a home with me. Sometime I have to gently nudge her to remind her that whatever it is, isn’t real, it’s just Republican bullshit (for lack of a better word).
    Nice toon Clay. It fits tonight’s RNC episode exactly.

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