Trump Has A Stick


Bernie Sanders challenged Donald Trump to a debate in California, and for it to take place before that state’s primary. Trump, being Trump, accepted, talked about how he would love to debate Bernie and that’d he be awesome, and then he backed out.

Trump is actually right in this one not to debate Bernie. He wouldn’t get anything out of it, would be embarrassed and wouldn’t realize how poorly he did. The only ones who would gain from this would be the network and Bernie.

Trump might think helping Bernie helps him as it would prolong the Democratic fight, disrupt their convention, and the mayhem and hootenanny would benefit Trump. The only downside for Trump is that Bernie gets the nomination and then Trump has to face a principled opponent that he can’t compare to. It’s bad enough he’s going to be reamed by Hillary.

The funniest and most ludicrous part of this is that Trump attached a condition to the debate. It would have to raise $10 million for a women charity. Like Trump cares about something other than himself. He didn’t specify any charities in particular. Also, Trump does not have a good track record with donating to charity. His charitable foundation, The Trump Foundation, does give millions to charity and his supporters love to tout this as an example of Donald’s generosity. They fail to point out that it’s not Donald’s money. He gets money from other people and then it’s donated.

When Trump ditched one of the GOP debates because he was afraid of the moderators and standing for two hours is hard and his makeup might start running from the heat of the lights, he instead had an event which was to raise money for veterans. He claimed that raised $6 million. Turns out, it didn’t. All Trump did was use our veterans for political gain. So if Trump did debate Bernie and money was raised, they should give the money to Bernie to distribute, not Trump.

If Trump’s charitable practice during his presidential campaign is the same way he does his taxes, it’s not wonder he gets audited every year. When you claim to give money to charity then you should probably actually give money to charity. Especially if you’re a rich and happy miser.

Several outlets ponied up the money for this debate and that’s when Trump’s bluff was called. It would be presumptuous for Trump to debate Bernie before there’s a Democratic nominee, and meddle in the Democratic Party’s process, but he’s a coward. Don’t talk tough then back out.

It is a good thing Trump didn’t serve in Vietnam. He would have told his fellow soldiers he had their back, run away crying, and steal their money in the process. Plus, it’s hard to pull a trigger with such tiny fingers.

Now I’ve drawn a Trump cartoon two days in a row. I had this idea yesterday morning, before Trump officially backed out, and I was confident this debate would never happen. By the time I started the cartoon Trump had officially crapped himself and backed out of the debate.

I drew this on my Samsung tablet which is a different process in the way I usually create a cartoon. The tablet is just fun. I don’t want to do every cartoon on it as the files aren’t the greatest. I bump up the DPI in Photoshop, but if the cartoon is enlarged too much it gets really blurry. There’s no way in the art app on the tablet to create the cartoon in a larger size. Bummer.

Plus, it’s a lot of fun to draw Donald Trump while I’m sitting on a bar stool and to have drunks look over my shoulder and say “you shouldn’t make fun of Trump. He’s gonna make America great again!”.

Did you like this cartoon? Want to help a cartoonist make a living? Look to the right of this page and make a donation through Paypal. I need to buy pens, paper, sandwiches, and dog food. The starving cartoonist and his Beagle appreciates it. If you’ve donated in the past, THANK YOU!!!



  1. This was a LOL for me.
    “Plus, it’s a lot of fun to draw Donald Trump while I’m sitting on a bar stool and to have drunks look over my shoulder and say “you shouldn’t make fun of Trump. He’s gonna make America great again!.”


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