Trump Sick Of Winning


Football is ending just in time for a political junkie like myself. Watching the Iowa Caucuses results all night is a sport for me.

Usually after an election I like to focus on the winner, unless the loser is a bigger story. While Ted Cruz is a totally vile human being whose own daughter doesn’t want physical contact with him, Trump is the kind of guy who has too much physical contact with his daughter. Ew.

Trump has spent the last seven months talking about how he leads in the polls…and finally when one counts he comes in second. That’s a top story. It’s funny that second is a loss for Trump while third is a win for Rubio.

The race has come down to those three, Cruz, Trump, and Rubio.

There’s a lot of carton subjects from Monday night. What will I do with Cruz winning Iowa? What about Hillary’s and Bernie’s “tie?” Oops! It’s 3:40 AM on the East Coast and Hillary was just declared the winner.

The speeches and lack of speeches were interesting. Hillary’s campaign declared victory early though she didn’t mention it in her speech. Cruz talked about God and how our rights were granted by him (OK then). Rubio talked about God and how Hillary was disqualified from being president. Trump talked Trump. Bernie Sanders gave the best speech I’ve heard in a long time.

I tweeted early in the evening with a prediction a Republican would drop out after the results. If you had Huckabee in the office pool you’re a winner. O’Malley dropped out too. Reality doesn’t hit these guys as much as an empty campaign coffer. I’m sure someone else will drop out Tuesday. The rest, Bush, Carson, Fioriana, Santorum (I think he’ll drop out), etc., are living in denial.

I emailed the cartoon to my clients before I had a chance to write this blog and post the cartoon. One, The Moderate Voice, immediately emailed me that they were posting it. I got scooped by my own client. Go visit them.

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