Trump Shot


Donald Trump said “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue, shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” The sad thing is he’s right. But that’s because your voters, Mr. Trump, are hateful and stupid idiots. It is incredible. The other sad thing is, this isn’t even close to being the most outrageous thing he’s said on the campaign trail.

My first idea had Trump making the quote and proving his point that he shoots himself in the foot repeatedly. Nah, it wasn’t good enough but if you’re another political cartoonist feel free to take it.

I thought about Trump’s comments a little longer and it came to me that if he shot a minority then he’d probably gain Republican voters. Because in addition to being hateful, stupid and idiotic, they’re also racists.

Last August, two white men who allegedly beat a homeless Hispanic man cited Donald Trump’s rhetoric as their motive. Trump said his supporters are very passionate. There’s also been hecklers at his rallies roughed up and he’s even advocated for his supporters to steal a heckler’s coat while it was freezing outside.

Donald Trump could sell baby back ribs made from real minority babies and his supporters would back him.

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