Title 42 Boo-Hoo

Two things: I don’t like the term “illegal” to describe refugees or the word “invasion” for people seeking a better life in the United States. I use them here to use the type of language you would hear on hate TV. And that’s exactly what you will find on Fox News, One America News, Newsmax, and all the various right-wing websites. Hate. Hate and fear sell. And that’s exactly what Republicans have been selling by warning that ending Title 42 will bring about the end of days for the United States.

Republicans have been warning that the end of Title 42 would bring calamity and overwhelm our nation with an invasion of our southern border and the “Great Replacement” would begin. The order was lifted last Thursday and guess what. Border crossings actually went down.

Title 42 was created in 1944 to limit entries into this nation during a public health crisis. It’s vaguely written and the Trump administration used it as an excuse to deny LEGAL entry into this nation by immigrants from south of the United States. The Trump policy was created by Stephen Baby Goebbels Miller, who has zero expertise in public health but tons of experience with white nationalism. Now when you hear goons cry that it will increase illegal entries into this nation, they’re wrong. The rule had nothing to do with illegal entry and is only about people attempting to enter our nation legally. If someone wants to enter our nation illegally, Title 42 wasn’t going to stop them.

The same people who scream at you for continuing to wear a face mask and even deny we were in a pandemic are the same fuckos howling about the end of Title 42. The code is not to be implemented because you hate brown people but because there’s a public health crisis. If you want to use Title 42 while claiming the pandemic was a hoax, then you’re abusing it. I addressed this a few months ago.

If you support ending all covid regulations then you need to support the removal of Title 42. You can’t have it both ways, although you have tried. MAGAts want every covid restriction lifted except the one that prevented brown people from entering our nation.

Several of my right-wing colleagues predicted the border would be overrun by immigrant seeking legal entry into our nation, but OOPS, and OOPS, and OOPS. That’s embarrassing. But don’t worry. I’m here to point it out for you. Personally, I think all three goon cartoonists should be forced to perform the Little Wrong Man dance.

The first cartoon was drawn by someone who doesn’t understand the issue. He claims we have “open borders” yet he has a fence in the cartoon (cartooning tip: Don’t destroy your own argument in your own cartoon). And while decrying the end of Title 42, there are immigrants climbing over that fence. I guess the cartoonist doesn’t understand that Title 42 is about LEGAL entry…not illegal. People pleading for asylum and entering our nation legally, which is what most of these immigrants are doing, don’t climb over fences. It’s not like Kurt Cobain climbing over a fence to escape a rehab facility he entered voluntarily (yes, he did that).

Whether we have Title 42 or not, we have an immigration problem in this nation. The problem isn’t that people want to come here. The problem is how we handle it. But everyone who comes to our border and appeals for asylum has a legal right to enter this nation and move around freely in it until they have a hearing for their asylum. They don’t deserve to be forced to sleep on sidewalks in Juarez or used as political props by Republican governors who ship them to blue states. And they don’t deserve to be scapegoated, called “illegals” or be accused of “invading” our country.

Fun fact: Immigration isn’t the largest crisis this nation is facing. The crisis isn’t that they’re entering, it’s how we’re dealing with it. We need to change the way we think about immigration and stop seeing it as a crisis that hurts us, but more of a humanitarian crisis for the people who need our help. We need to understand that when they get here, they make our country better.

A much greater crisis in this nation is hate and domestic terrorism which is enabled and supported by the same people who want to keep Title 42.

Update: Here’s another oneand another one.

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  1. I’m wond’rin’ how many of those crying that there aren’t enough workers for the construction business, or the fruit- and vegetable-picking business are THE SAME ONES who voted for drumpf and would vote for him again, if they get the chance. As usual, the left hand doesn’t know what the right foot is doing.

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    1. My DIL works in the hotel business and they are always looking for housekeepers which are also jobs done by immigrants. The statists I saw last week showed that even if every person was employed in this country they are not enough people to fill all the jobs. So let these people and let’s put them to work,

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    2. John Oliver recently did a piece about farm workers and it sounded like the farmers are using slave labor. Not one of the MAGGOTS would want those jobs so keeping out people who are willing to do those jobs is about as senseless and stupid as voting for Dumph.


  2. Ramierz is the worst. And his acolytes are every bit as bad. His and their motives have never been to shine a light on corruption but to profit off that corruption. His cartoon in the link says nothing about the reasons behind the illusionary wave. As you point out in your text that needs to be lifted. Just like scotus needs overview it is time for editorial cartoonists to look at itself and set standards. Some argue that there are liberal and conservative cartoonists. That is evasive bullshite. True editorial cartoonists are encouraging change to make things more fair inclusive. Or maybe I am a fool. Good toon.

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      1. You put it very well. I enjoy reading Clay’s blogs but really I enjoy watching him create the cartoonz. I love the way he explains his thoughts because they so often reflect my own I just appreciate his talent for cutting through the crap.


    1. a point about Ramierz…..at a conference once he commented that “there are so few conservative cartoonists he/they must push the boundaries, go to the extreme to make a point”…. defined… spew talking points and memes. Excuses Excuses

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      1. Is that his excuse for phoning it in over the past two decades? There are plenty of conservative cartoonists. They think it’s better for them to pretend they’re a victimized minority.


  3. Well said Clay👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 You who say “I don’t believe in God”are much kinder than those who profess they believe in God ( absolute disgraces to Christianity)!

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  4. How come you don’t have a weekly podcast to explain all these fine points that NO-One listens to, they better might understand a white board with you doing Clay in 10 minutes or less. I’m sorry, I’m North of the border and I understand it, I have one first name, don’t live in a trailer park, and can tell right from MAGAts wrong. Love history and did 36 years in the military – have seen immigrants, refugees, secular violence pushing people who don’t fit the mould out of areas, they are HUMANS looking for a better life.
    Question – if Native Americans are free to travel from country to country ( US to Canada and vise versus) why are Native Mexicans treated different? All are known as Indigenous people, so I don’t want to offend anyone. History has located sites as far north as Colorado long before the 1492 sailing of the oceans blue, so they were in North American long before what is now known as the USA. Sorry for the rant, just Goebbels pisses me off as a MAGAt leader for fame and acceptance. Cheers

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  5. one last point….. note that the GOPers who are going nuts about the immigration problem DO NOTHING LEGISLATIVELY TO ADDRESS IT. It is so much easier to spew garbage than clean up what is causing the problem.

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  6. Like you, I despise hearing asylum seekers and other immigrants referred to as “illegals”. They are HUMAN BEINGS!!! They have as much value as Kevin McCarthy, Tucker Carlson, or any other politico or talking head! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Comoon sense, bottom line!! … “Fun fact: Immigration isn’t the largest crisis this nation is facing. The crisis isn’t that they’re entering, it’s how we’re dealing with it. We need to change the way we think about immigration and stop seeing it as a crisis that hurts us, but more of a humanitarian crisis for the people who need our help. We need to understand that when they get here, they make our country better.”

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