Roughs, Volume 170

This is another batch where two weeks of roughs are combined into one. When I was in Indiana for my niece’s wedding, I only drew four roughs which was on Friday, February 3. For the next week, when I was back home in Virginia, I drew 13 roughs which was on Thursday, February 9, and Friday, February 10.

The first four were drawn in a La Quinta with shitty WiFi. I had to rely on my iPhone hotspot.

I knew other cartoonists would draw this idea but if CNN had selected it, I still would have been fine with it despite not being all that crazy about it.

I dug this one but thought there was a better way to do it, which I found the next day in a Starbucks in Kokomo. No, not the Beach Boys’ Kokomo, unfortunately. Do you know how many people made references to that on Facebook? It was a lot.

This was just amusing to me but I knew right-wingers would love it. I didn’t expect my editor to choose it. Ya know, this would have worked really well for one of the right-wingers but none of them thought of it because none of them can write funny cartoons…at least not on purpose.

This is the one my editor chose and it’s my fave out of the four. The rough isn’t very different from the complete cartoon. In fact, I liked the Uncle Sam kid’s face from the rough so much, that I copied and pasted it onto the official cartoon. I changed the rest. Check it out.

The rest of the roughs in this blog were drawn the next week and in Virginia.

This cartoon and the one below were the first I drew after the State of the Union. I didn’t know which was better so I sent them to my two incredibly smart proofreaders, Laura and Hilary.

And Hilary said “meh” to both. So, I trashed them and found something else.

Somehow, my sick brain turned this idea…

…into this one. Check out the official cartoon.

I was trying to choose between the cartoon with Rick Scott as a drag queen and this one. I thought I couldn’t do them both. A few days after I drew the Rick Scott cartoon, I decided that yes I can do them both.

I was really trying to find something to nail Rick Scott. Man, that guy is creepy.

I didn’t like this at all and decided to just say “fuck it” to drawing a Valentine’s Day cartoon.

This didn’t become anything and I had already covered the encounter a few days before.

This idea turned into the one below.

Which became the official cartoon for the CNN Opinion newsletter.

The only reason I didn’t go with this one is that the movie’s not very relevant to today. A lot of readers would be left scratching their heads. It’s a great movie though.

This became an official cartoon which is one of my favorites from the past week.

This cartoon turned into this.

This is two collections of roughs where I combined two weeks into one blog, but I won’t do that next week because I drew enough yesterday for its own blog. I’ll post those next week. Think trains and Putin.

So which of these are your favorites?

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Watch me draw:



  1. Hilarious as usual.
    Have you thought of combining this content with the YouTube content? On YouTube I heard your actual voice. I hear your voice when I read it.
    Very early Dennis Miller deadpan ‘ in a good way

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My perspective is as an accountant/ auditor sitting in the living room whike watching thousands of hours of YouTube. Topics car from old weird cars, electric car reviews, cats, extreme weather. But out favorites include a host with personality and humor. The content is almost secondary. Some favorites include Tommy the cat, Aging Wheels and Under Dunn, Sarah in Tuned and Girl with Dogs. Sample some as food for thought


  2. So many great ones in this batch. Do like the “Some Like it Hot” reference…movie even has George Raft. Has one of the great ending lines of all time: “Nobody’s Perfect!”


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