Balloon Crowd

MAGAts spent the week criticizing President Joe Biden for “allowing” the Chinese spy balloon to float across the country before shooting it down Saturday off the coast of South Carolina. They continue to ignore that shooting it down over human beings could have been a very bad thing. They continue to ignore gravity.

But most of all, they keep talking about how Donald Trump wouldn’t have allowed China to float a balloon across our nation.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy tweeted, “First Biden refused to defend our borders. Now he won’t defend our skies.” This guy receives classified information. He knows the deal. He’s just politicizing without context. So, Kevin…what should the president have done? First, Kevin revealed his ignorance of the debt ceiling, and now this. Kevin McCarthy is the worst Speaker in the history of the House.

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted, “President Trump says ‘SHOOT DOWN THE BALLOON!'”

MTG also tweeted, “The Chinese respected President Trump because they feared him. They know he will protect America at all costs. The CCP doesn’t fear Joe Biden. Xi is laughing at him.”

Stephen Baby Goebbels Miller, who was Special Nazi Advisor to Trump during his administration, tweeted, “A Chinese spy balloon casually invading our air space for all to see, conducting day after day of espionage in broad daylight undisturbed, is a stark visual demonstration of Joe Biden’s crippling weakness and our excruciating national humiliation.” This guy knows national humiliation. Remember him going on TV after spraying Hair-In-A-Can on his head? He looked like a goosestepping Chia pet.

Matt Quagmire Gaetz tweeted, “I wonder how much the CCP-funded Biden Center at UPenn studied Balloon Theory.” The only thing Matt Gaetz has studied about foreign policy with China is having chow mein noodles at Panda Express.

Lauren Boebert tweeted, “That balloon would never have made it over US soil if Trump was President.”

Boebert also tweeted, “In case you ever had any doubt, China owns Joe Biden.” Boebert and MTG both have lady boners for Trump.

And then Boebert tweeted, “US officials have admitted that they were monitoring the Chinese spy balloon since it flew over the Aleutian Islands. So, we didn’t shoot the balloon down over water and instead let it enter our continental airspace?” Yeah. Why didn’t we shoot this balloon down when it was over that ocean between Alaska and Montana? Sheesh!!!

Jim Gym Jordan tweeted, “President Trump was tough on China. Biden lets them fly spy balloons over our country.”

The problem with all these claims about Biden letting this balloon invade our airspace is refuted by the report that he gave the order to shoot it down Wednesday and to do it after it was safe to do so. Can you imagine if the balloon was shot down over a civilian population and deaths occurred from it? Republicans would have said something about that.

Ted Cruz actually praised Biden for shooting it down but also chastised him for waiting so long, again… ignoring that gravity thing. Mexicans are still mad at their government for allowing Ted Cruz to fly over their airspace when he was fleeing a winter storm in Texas for sunny Cancun.

And the claim that Trump wouldn’t have allowed the balloon to enter U.S. airspace is ruined by the statement from the Pentagon that during his presidency (sic), three Chinese spy balloons entered U.S. airspace. The only way to save face with this is to deny it.

Trump denies it. He said it was “disinformation.”

Former National Security Adviser to Trump, John Bolton told Fox News Digital that he could “say with 100 percent certainty” that no such balloon flights took place during his tenure. Bolton was only in the administration for about a year and a half.

Former Trump Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, said, “I don’t ever recall somebody coming into my office or reading anything that the Chinese had a surveillance balloon above the United States.” Esper is another who only spent about a year and a half in his position.

John Ratcliffe, Trump’s final Director of National Intelligence said, “It’s not true. I can refute it.” He held his position for about seven months.

Another problem with their denials is that one of the denials is coming from Trump and the others are coming from people who worked for Trump. They’re all liars.

If you believe any of these goons are telling the truth about there not being any Chinese spy balloons flying over our country during the Trump administration, then I have a great wall in China I’d like to sell you. Cheap.

Creative note: This was drawn in the Indianapolis airport. I want to go home.

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  1. Once again, Republicans care naught about the truth, just scoring political points with their gullible followers. Their followers don’t give a damn about truth, as long as their heroes sound like their owning the libs.
    No one is owning anyone, but one day the MAGAt crowd is going to see through the Republican bullshit, and stop supporting leaders who don’t give a damn about poor people.
    And that is the truth!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Few People have considered the thought that such a ballon could be filled with covid or other bio hazards. Accordingly you let it run off the east coast before shooting so as to allow the natural west to east winds take any contents away from land.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly. And if the balloon had been shot down and somehow harmed people on the ground, whether through the balloon itself or its weaponized contents, the Republicans would have thrown a giant fit about that. We really can’t waste any time worrying about these people or what they will say, because they will complain about Biden no matter what.


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