Twitter’s Turkey

Yup, I know. I gave you an Elon/Twitter cartoon yesterday. But here’s the thing, kids…

I wrote this idea Friday and planned to draw it Saturday, but then Merrick Garland appointed a Special Counsel to investigate Trump, so this cartoon got pushed to Sunday. But then on Saturday night, Elon reinstated Trump to Twitter, so this got pushed to Monday.

However, it almost got pushed back to never because I really wanted to draw something on the shooting in Colorado Springs today…but three factors got in the way of that.

Factor number one: I felt I needed to give my clients something with a Thanksgiving theme. Being that this is Monday, this is probably the latest I can get it to them for this week.

Factor two: I traveled today and went through multiple airports and it has left me very tired, so it was easy to fall back on this.

Factor three: I don’t have the idea I want yet on the Colorado Springs thing.

So here I am in Mississippi where I just finished my Elon/Twitter/Thanksgiving cartoon and I’m $226 poorer for it.

Ya see, kids, you’re favorite goofball cartoonist is kinda stupid…or at least fails at paying attention to details on occasion. OK, a lot of occasions.

I booked this flight from Washington to Memphis months ago when Southwest threw a deal at me. Somehow, I managed to book my arrival and departure on the same day. I noticed this about a month ago and fixed which cost me a fee that wasn’t too bad. Then today, I arrived at the wrong airport. I thought I had booked it at Reagan but instead booked it at Dulles. But, Southwest had a flight leaving Reagan for Chicago at the exact same time as the one leaving Dulles for Chicago. So they were able to put me on that flight out of Reagan…for $226. I am not rich so I hated having to spend that, but I did it because nothing was going to keep me from being with my kid this week.

I know, I didn’t talk about this Elon/Twitter issue at all, but we did that yesterday. I need a nap.

Advice: Look closely at your ticket…or just don’t get old and have senior moments.

Creative note: As I mentioned, I wrote this Friday. Since then, I saw two other turkey twitter cartoons. One of them was drawn by my buddy Chris Britt who told me to draw mine anyway. Without seeing it first, he said it would be different because it’s me. Then we joked about tracing the Twitter logo because there are several cartoonists who do that…and we crack on them.

Music note: I listened to some Them Crooked Vultures.

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Watch me draw:



  1. Will there be a toon of going to the wrong airport? You can make it about Gaetz or Greene, or Boebert. You’ll want to protect the identity of the perpetrator!


  2. Lots of updates on Club Q shooting. The unarmed veteran that took down shooter has an interesting story … besides being one brave man. The shooter is also grandson of a San Diego MAGA politician. Lots of interesting approaches to a political cartoon on this issue.
    Oh … and happy upcoming Gobble Gobble Day.
    Remember: Birds Aren’t Real.


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