New Commander Commander

Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington Commanders, has sent out a vague signal that he may sell his NFL franchise. The announcement stated that Snyder has hired an investment bank to “consider potential transactions.” Washington fans do not like the owner of their team, but before they get too giddy over the announcement, they need to comprehend two of the words: “Potential” and “transaction.”

“Potential” isn’t definite. It means he might, maybe, possibly make a transaction. And “transaction” doesn’t mean he’ll sell the entire team. Maybe he wants to sell some of it and retain majority ownership. When he first bought the team 23 years ago, Snyder had partners who he’s since bought out. So, don’t be too excited. But, you can be optimistic.

You can be optimistic because there is open discussion among NFL owners of shit-canning Dan Snyder, voting him out. It’s tough to force an NFL owner to sell his team. It’s tough to get NFL owners to force another owner out. There have been some seriously shitty and embarrassing NFL owners in the past who were not chased out by the league. There have been owners who have been major headaches for the league that were never forced out. But right now, owners are openly discussing, and not just anonymously, about forcing Snyder out. Even the commissioner has spoken about it publicly. They want him out but they would prefer not to vote on it. It could be like Nixon, leaving after being told he’ll be impeached if he doesn’t.

Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts, said “there’s merit to remove” Snyder for creating a toxic workdplace culture with a history of misogyny and sexism toward women. There have been accusations of sexual harrassment in the Commander’s management, including accusations againts Snyder.

If Snyder is looking for partners as he seeks financing a new stadium, it’s a tough sell to ask someone to spend millions, if not a billion or two dollars for a stake in a franchise where they don’t have any say. It’s kinda like those fake stocks the Packers sell to their fans every decade or so, making them “partners” and owning a piece of the team…though it’s not like they can vote on anything. What they get is a certificate saying they own a piece of the Packers. Maybe Snyder should do that and market it toward MAGAts since they’re stupid.

But maybe Snyder is feeling the pressure to sell. He’s running out of friends in the NFL who are not on his payroll, there’s an independent investigation ongoing financed by the league. There’s even a congressional investigation. And maybe he wants to leave on his own terms, before he’s forced out.

At 57, Snyder is young by NFL standards and would make a huge windfall if he sells out entirely. He bought the team for $800 million and today’s it’s valued at $5.6 billion, despite the 23 years of futility under Snyder. It’s one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world, not just in the NFL. This isn’t the Jacksonville Jaguars, kids.

But who would buy it? Probably not Elon since he just spent $45 billion, with a lot of it being his own money, on buying Twitter. I just used some creative license here to have some fun, though he probably reinstate the racist name Snyder swore he’d never abandon before he abandoned it. If a new owner changes the name again, can we go back to “Washington Football Team?” It’s so much better than “Commanders.” Elon would also want to sell badges to fans saying they’re “verified.”

Jeff Bozos’ name has been floated as a possible buyer since he has a home in Washington which probably doesn’t mean anything as he owns at least 13 others throughout the word. But he also owns the Washington Post and media companies have owned sports franchises before. The first two that come to my mind are the Chicago Tribune owning the Cubs and Ted Turner owning the Atlanta Braves. But Amazon now has rights to the NFL’s Thursday night games which is why you can only watch those on Prime. There would be a conflict with an owner owning rights to league games. Right? I think there would. I’m not a smart investor, but I wouldn’t sell Amazon to own the Washington Commanders.

A few other names have been mentioned as potential owners, including that of Jay-Z. He’s a billionaire and at least rich enough to be in an ownership group. Though it’s been said he’d rather purchase something in the NYC area. He’s in an empire state of mind.

It would be hard to replace Snyder with someone worse. So the best outcome would be any that doesn’t include Snyder.

Music note: I listened to more of The Beatles.

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  1. Donald Trimp would be worse! But then, does he really have emough wealth to buy the club? He might not even be worth 1 red penny despite bilking the govetnment of all kinds of funds during his (sick) presidency. Money which you can bet was never reported on his taxes.
    Do presidents have to fill out their tax forms?

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    1. Trump has less money now than when he entered office because he devastated his brand. Yet, he still bilked the government, foreign nations, and his own supporters for millions. He doesn’t have the money to buy a football, not even the Jaguars. And yes, “presidents” have to file taxes.

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