Officer Cracker Jack

Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock and former football great, deadbeat dad, abortion provider, occasional wife beater, serial liar, non-Cherokee, and never-ever-been-a-cop Hershel Walker had a debate last night in Savannah, Georgia. It’s likely to be their only debate.

Herschel Walker is being lavished with praise for being coherent for most of the night. Most of the night. The bar for Herschel was so low that he could say diabetics need to “eat right” instead of taking insulin, and flash a fake police badge, change his position on abortion, and still receive praise for being able to stand up straight for most of the night. Republicans are counting this as a win. They’re probably just happy he didn’t repeat that story about the bull and three pregnant cows.

Walker is an opponent of abortion despite the fact he paid for one and tried to coerce the same woman to have another. He’s also a big supporter of the police despite threatening to have a shoot-out with them once.

Walker went from a position of being opposed to all abortions, even in the case of rape, incest, or when the mother’s life is in danger, to being OK with abortions in those instances. He also flipped from saying Trump won the 2020 election to saying Biden won, though he didn’t say Biden won legitimately or that Trump lost.

Walker chastised Warnock for scrutinizing police and claiming that Warnock alone has demoralized police and is fully responsible for lower recruitment. Warnock shot back and destroyed Walker with his response.

Warnock pointed out that you can support police while still scrutinizing them, like you can with all professions. Based upon GOP logic, you don’t support the medical community if you get a breast implant when you actually went to the hospital to get your tonsils out, and you have some criticism over it. A real supporter would accept the botched procedure and be grateful for looking firm and perky.

After explaining reason and logic to Walker, that you can support police while criticizing them, Warnock took the lying abortion providing hypocrite down. Warnock said, “One thing I have not done: I have never pretended to be a police officer. And I’ve never threatened a shootout with the police.”

Walker responded by pulling a black wallet from his suit jacket pocket, which held a five-pointed gold badge, saying, “You know what’s so funny? I am work [sic] with many police officers.”

If you’re a Georgia voter, you need to say, “I am not vote for Herschel Walker.”

One of the two debate moderators, WSAV news anchor Tina Tyus-Shaw, admonished Walker saying, “You have a prop. That is not allowed, sir.”

Walker replied, “Well, it’s not a prop. This is real.” No, Hershel, it’s a prop. Even if it was real, in this setting, it would still be a prop. This man is clearly not qualified mentally to be a United States Senator.

Walker has made many unfounded claims that he has “worked in law enforcement.” Herschel Walker lies about working with police like he lies about how many kids he has, or how many abortions he’s paid for, or what race he’s a member of. Yes, the man has lied about being Native American.

I’m positive that all those Republicans who piled on Elizabeth Warren’s claim of being Native American will ignore Herschel’s bullshit that he’s a quarter Cherokee, which is own mother has refuted.

Don’t forget Herschel Walker has lied about graduating at the top of his class from the University of Georgia despite the fact he never graduated.

At one point, Senator Warnock said, “I think (Walker) should tell the people of Georgia why he thinks they should have expensive insulin and why the pharmaceutical companies should be able to charge us whatever they like.”

Walker replied with, “I believe in reducing insulin, but at the same time you got to eat right. Because he may not know and I know many people that’s on insulin, and unless you have eating right, insulin is doing you no good.” Walker went on to say, “ You have to get food prices down and you got to get gas down so that they can go get insulin.”

What to the what to the fucking what? Insulin doesn’t do no good unless you have eating right, but get the food prices down and the gas down, and then you can have insulin? And people think Herschel won this debate?

Excuse, but how do you say stupid-ass shit like “insulin is doing you no good if you don’t have eating right,” and win a debate? You don’t.

Herschel Walker is a liar, a hypocrite, a deadbeat dad, and a wife beater. He’s a insane, stupid, and evil. Georgia can NOT put this man in the Senate.

A real cop with a real badge should arrest the Republicans responsible for making this lying lunatic their candidate.

Creative note: Still drawing in Louisiana.

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