Sympathy for the Symphony

I blogged some roughs this morning, made a YouTube video of them being drawn, wrote this cartoon, then drew it, and now it’s after 3 p.m. on a Sunday. So, I’m taking the rest of the day off which means you’re not getting a real column in today’s blog. However…

I don’t want to hear fascist Republican goons who have spent the past two years with the most immature and incompetent insult whine about President Biden being divisive. You can’t whine that someone’s rhetoric is divisive to the nation while you’re trying to burn it down.

See ya’ll tomorrow, kids.

Creative note: Proofreader Laura asked me why some of the music notes are backward. No reason really other than to change things up and be goofy. I’ve always done that with musical notes in cartoons and never thought about it until now. It also shows just how horrible the music is that they’re creating.

Also: Before I turned the music on, I had “let’s go, Brandon” in my head to the tune of “Oh, my darling.”

Music note: I listened to The Who, Veruca Salt, and Verbena while drawing this cartoon.

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Watch me draw:



  1. A few weeks ago, we drove an hour and a half from home and got to see the Wisconsin countryside in an area I’m not familiar with. The Trump signs and the barn with a HUGE “Let’s go Brandon” painted on the roof did not give me any warm fuzzy feelings. This was right after an outbuilding sign saying the zoo is open. My thoughts: “Well, I won’t be going to your zoo, then, since you’re so insulting.”

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    1. Same as with the governor race in 2018, the race wasn’t decided until late in the night when the big metropolitan areas came in. Before then it looked red. Clinton and others got way too complacent in 2016, not realizing how we tilted red since voting for Obama. It’s one reason why the thought of “civil war” is so disturbing: It doesn’t go by state lines anymore. The countrysides are red while the big cities are blue. If “war” is declared, is a resident of Madison in danger if they step into Sheboygan County?

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      1. Hell, it could be house vs house, depending on what political signs you had/have out, or how you decorate your yard. One house down from me has INFOWARS banner, and Trump signs all over the yard; another has IMPEACH BIDEN and Confederate War flag . . . across the street from a mixed-race couple. How will THAT work out?? OUR house is still known for its two BIDEN/HARRIS signs (we live on a corner), complete with floodlights; sometimes if I’m outside when a dogwalker goes by, I’m complimented on my choice of 2020 candidate; I’m sure others who are so-minded remember those signs, too.

        Hubby and I wear our “I am one of the 81 million” t-shirts; I wear my self-made ‘INDICT HIM NOW’ badge whenever we go out, so it could get even more personal than that.

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