Mar-a-Lago Raided

The FBI has raided Mar-a-Lago. We learned this from Trump himself who made a very whiny post about it on his joke of a social media platform, Truth Social. He’s partly upset the FBI didn’t give him, a guy with a habit of flushing evidence, advance notice of their raid.

This is big news and it’s unprecedented for a president’s home to be raided by the FBI. But everything about Donald Trump’s presidency (sic) has been unprecedented. The crimes of this president (sic) are unprecedented.

Mar-a-Lago is a golf club and a resort. It’s also Donald Trump’s legal residence. He’s not a resident of New York City anymore. He lives in Palm Beach, Florida. But, he doesn’t spend a lot of time in Florida during the summer because it’s hot. Nobody wants to see a hot and sweaty Trump. It’s icky. He was actually at Trump Tower in the city when the raid occurred Monday morning.

Trump posted about the raid in order to get ahead of the story. Getting ahead of the story is a great way for Trump to play the victim. He said, they even “broke into” his safe. He said such an “assault” could only occur in a “third-world country” and it’s being inflicted by “radical left Democrats” who don’t want him to run for president in 2024. Dude, if the people who most don’t want you to run for president were behind the raid, it would have been Republicans.

This president (sic) who attempted a coup says this act resembles something done in a third-world country. Oh, really? He compared it to the Watergate break-in, though that was committed by Republican criminals without warrants.

The raid is being done because Donald Trump took at least 15 boxes of classified information with him from the White House to Mar-a-Lago. This also occurred on the same day Maggie Haberman of The New York Times posted photos of classified documents with Trump’s handwriting on them in toilets. Apparently, Trump was supposedly cooperating with the FBI but he was probably faking it. Hence the raid.

There’s a high bar for this sort of stuff. Former presidents don’t get raided by the FBI, even orange racist baby presidents (sic). In addition to having to convince a federal judge there was more than probable cause to grant a search warrant, the agents would need the Attorney General to sign off on it. The Attorney General has to sign off on warrants investigating members of Congress so you know Merrick Garland was the final signature on this. And President Biden most likely had no idea this was going to happen as they’d want him as far away from it as possible. He wouldn’t want to know beforehand either.

This isn’t “political persecution” as Donald Trump claims. I know there was enough evidence to conduct this raid if a federal magistrate judge and the Attorney General had to sign off on this. The ironic thing is that while he was president (sic), Donald Trump tried to get his Justice Department to go after his enemies and he fired members of the department who were investigating his goons. Trump’s rules are that using the Justice Department to go after his political enemies should be allowed, but it shouldn’t be done to him. Good news. It’s not.

Donald Trump now joins Roger Stone and Rudy Giuliani, who were also raided by the FBI. Being a former president (sic) shouldn’t put anyone above the law.

Someone’s going to jail.

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    1. Not true. To get the warrant, they had to detail what they were looking for. They know what they’re looking for is there. There’s probably an inside source. Trump is also stupid and may not realize all evidence is evidence. He didn’t flush all 15 boxes.

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      1. Then he is an idiot! And while we all know he is an idiot, and an egomaniac, he knows what happened to Tricky Dicky. He’s too smart to keep anything at Mar-A-Lago.
        But then again, he might have thought he is immune to a search. I certainly hope so. Stupid man!

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  1. I assume he burned it all; there seem to be plenty of fireplaces in that building. Marjorie Merriweather Post must be whirling in her grave. I watched live coverage of the street outside MaL for a while last night; the Trumpers were out in full force, and I was expecting some violence at any minute, especially against one anti-Trumper. Lots of trucks with banners and flags, ‘scooping the loop’; probably the same guys who were complaining about the high price of gas a few weeks ago. AND I wonder what the surrounding residents think about this all . . . many of them have been upset about his antics (residential, not political) since he moved there.

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Dare we hope? But this is indeed HUUGE … “This is big news and it’s unprecedented for a president’s home to be raided by the FBI. But everything about Trump’s presidency (sic) has been unprecedented. The crimes of this president (sic) are unprecedented.”

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  3. From the sky Mar-A-Lago resembles a sort of toilet bowl surrounded by palm trees and parking lots. The toilet bowl administration of 2016-2020 just won’t stop overflowing. I notice there is no roll of toilet paper in your rendering of this historic event. Then it came to me … who needs toilet paper when you have boxes and boxes of potentially incriminating, confidential, national security, top secret documents to wipe clean with … beats the sears catalog and so in tune with the tangerine president’s ego and narcissism!

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