Jackass Protest

I believe in this cartoon and I stand by it, but I’m a little uncomfortable with it. It’s important for me to call out the truth, and that is there are a lot of Democrats unhappy with Joe Biden. I’m uncomfortable giving them any support at this time, but mostly I’m uncomfortable that this cartoon is one a lot of MAGAts will love. Ugh. MAGAts.

The one thing I’m not cool with is that I know Biden isn’t going to push hard against the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi while in the presence of Mohammed bin Salman.

During his 2020 presidential campaign, then Candidate Biden pledged to make Saudi Arabia a “pariah” and refused once in office to speak with Mohammed, seeking to punish him with isolation. Now, he’s about to sit down for a chit-chat with the defacto ruler of Saudi Arabia and the man U.S. intelligence says ordered the hit on Khashoggi’s life.

Despite what Republicans are saying, Biden is not going to Saudi Arabia to ask them to sell us oil. We have plenty of oil here. What he’s going to push for is an increase in their production because despite what Republicans believe and think they know, gas prices are an international issue, not just domestic. Unfortunately, the reality is that President Biden has to sit with a murderer to do this.

When asked if he’s going to bring up the murder of Khashoggi to MBS, Biden took a walk around the question without answering it saying, “My views on Khashoggi have been made absolutely, positively clear. I have never been quiet about talking about human rights.” He said that his “position on Khashoggi is so clear — if anyone doesn’t understand it in Saudi Arabia or anywhere else, then they haven’t been around for a while.”

That means he’s not going to bring it up. Biden is going to be somewhere between confronting MBS and doing Trump’s sword dance with the murderer.

Biden’s real trouble isn’t with Jamal Khashoggi’s killer. It’s with voters and his own Democratic Party.

Inflation is not Joe Biden’s fault, but Biden is president and while it’s unfair to blame him for rising prices (blame Trump), it’s his job to get them down. Other voters want him to do something to save abortion rights but there’s very little a president can do to walk around Supreme Court verdicts. It will take Congress to pass abortion rights in every state, which they will not do because there are too many of them who are cowardly jackasses. But, when/if the GOP retakes Congress, you can expect their first agenda will be to ban abortion in every state and territory. Remember, everything Republicans say are lies, including “state rights.”

A lot of Democrats want a different nominee in 2024 and for Biden to ride off into the sunset when his first term is done.

Biden says Democrats want him to run and cited a New York Times poll saying 92 percent of Democrats would vote for him. What he left out is important and that is 92 percent of Democrats would vote for him if the election were held today and it was between him and Donald Trump.

That’s like asking a Democrat if the election were held today, who would he or she vote for if the only choices were Joe Biden and a moldy old racist pro- birther dishwashing sponge covered in ketchup, castor oil, fish scales, and orange pubic hair. At the very least, eight percent of Democrats would have to think about it.

While 92 percent of Democrats would choose Biden over Trump today, 64 percent of Democrats want a nominee who is not named Joe Biden. And 94 percent of Democrats between the ages of 18 and 29 definitely want someone other than Biden to be the nominee.

Let’s face facts, Joe is old. Yeah, he’s in better shape than Donald Trump. He can jog, ride a bike, climb stairs, and go from one room to another without the use of a golf cart, but he’s still old. President Biden will be 81 years old on election day in 2024. Look for Republicans, including Donald Trump, to make a lot of noise about this even though Trump himself will be 77 on election day.

And that’s the danger Democrats face in 2024. What if Trump is not the Republican nominee? Sure, despite President Biden having an approval rating of around 39 percent at this moment (the worst of any elected president at this point in his presidency since the end of World War II), most Americans will still choose him over Donald Trump, who never got above 50 percent approval during his four years of tyranny. But, what happens if Republicans nominate a younger shinier racist in 2024? What if they choose a guy, while just as narcissistic, petty, and hateful as Donald Trump, isn’t as stupid, is literate, and doesn’t spew as much racist gibberish (his racism comesin loud and clear)? What if Republicans nominate Ron DeSantis? Yeah, ew that guy.

If Republicans had to choose today, they’d pick Trump over DeSantis. But, there is a primary contest and 77-year-old Trump may not be in physical shape for such a long grueling campaign. DeSantis is. Republicans may find a way to change their minds after several debates between the two. While the cult belongs to Trump, keep in mind that Republicans are not loyal and are extremely forgetful. The same former Never Trumpers who swore they’d never back Trump, then backed him, could turn back around and support a new guy and say they never did like Trump to begin with. Do you really believe Ted Cruz is a man of his word?

And don’t forget the stupidy of the American voter. Look at Virginia. My state went strongly for President Biden, Hillary Clinton, and twice for President Obama, then elected dog-whistling lying Glenn Youngkin. Voters are stupid and forgetful, especially the moderates.

While Republicans will always vote for racist candidates, you can trick moderates into doing so. Ron DeSantis will run on some parents’ rights bullshit and dog-whistle his ass off about Critical Race Theory and convince a majority of moderate voters to vote for him. then about a week after the election, all those moderates will go, “Oh yeah….that’s why we don’t vote for Republicans.”

Can President Biden and his 39-percent approval beat a dog-whistling Ron DeSantis in 2024, or do we need to nominate someone younger?

Let’s say yes, and if that’s the case…who?

Music note: I listened to the Foo Fighters’ “Wasting Light” album and some Evanesence while drawing this.

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  1. We live in a wheel and deal world. So what if Saudi does bad stuff, they have oil. To get it … let the games begin. Biden understands that! Gotta do what you gotta do. Go for the lesser of two evils. Americans want lower gas prices and Europe needs oil … deal with the devil … MBS. Otherwise Putin (The Great Satan) calls the shots.
    As for your cartoon Clay … it is totally on point. There is nothing a person can do to please Americans. They are insatiable.


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    The bottom line … “Can President Biden and his 39-percent approval beat a dog-whistling Ron DeSantis in 2024, or do we need to nominate someone younger? Let’s say yes, and if that’s the case…who?”


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