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I already wrote one blog today on this subject and I’ll probably write another, but I don’t feel the need to do so now. Instead, I’ll talk about the creative process.

I sketched out the idea of this last January. It was picked over for something else I really liked which I can’t remember now, even though I liked this one more. I held onto this cartoon because I knew it would be more powerful when the Supreme Court eventually banned abortion. Ya’ see, I knew this shit was going to happen.

Knowing this was going to happen doesn’t make me a great political prognosticator. Anyone with eyes and who’s been paying attention for the past five years could see this coming. Hell, you could say you saw it coming when the Supreme Court forced Florida to stop its recount in 2000 and gave the presidency to George W. Bush. The process for this started long before that. Predicting this was going to happen is like predicting Mitch McConnell will reverse a previous position to steal a Supreme Court Seat. It’s like predicting Republicans will destroy the filibuster to ban abortion in every state if they regain the Senate. You don’t have to be a genius to know Republicans are lying troglodyte sacks of worm excrement.

I was talking to my colleague and fellow ink slinger Matt Davies shortly after drawing this, and we were discussing the roughs we draw, or in my case, the amount of roughs. I sent him a screenshot of the file of roughs on my iPad, and even though each image was a tiny thumbnail, Matt could still read them and pointed out this cartoon. He really liked it and told me that was the cartoon I should be drawing. I told him I agreed but was saving it and he saw the light in that.

Earlier today, my colleague Joe Heller sent me a private message on Facebook showing me the rough for his cartoon on the Supreme Court leak (it’s beautiful) and I showed him this carton while it was in progress. I really liked what he came up with and he liked mine too. That gave me additional confidence this is a good cartoon.

On my Surface Pro, I pulled up the rough sketch, transferred it to my Roughs Folder to add to the next blog of roughs, and started a brand new drawing on the iPad. Then I realized I really liked the rough and I should just draw on top of that and add more to it. The only problem was, I had to find it. Now, where did I put that cartoon?

There are over 50 folders in the Procreate app on my iPad that contain rough sketches. Each folder is a week’s collection of roughs. I had to figure out when I drew the rough. I had to go through folder after folder to find it, and start the search with a guess. Some folders only have two sketches while others have more than 20. It was a hunt but I found it. It was drawn last January which meant I only had to go through about 20 folders.

I’m sure this will not be the last cartoon I draw on this issue. That also is NOT a bold prediction.

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