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Resistance is cool and it’s easy to support. But when joining a resistance, you should probably know what you’re resisting.

When we resisted the Trump administration, we knew what we were fighting against. We were the resistance against racism, sexism, Islamophobia, and homophobia. We were the resistance against stealing Supreme Court seats. We were the resistance against Nazis marching in Charlottesville. We were the resistance against ending women’s rights. We were the resistance to ending voting rights for minorities. We were the resistance to a wasteful racist symbol being built on the border with Mexico. We were the resistance against families being separated and babies being thrown into cages. We were the resistance against a racist orange clown handing our nation over to Russians. We were the resistance against attacks on our democracy. We were the resistance against stealing an election and installing a fascist dictator. We were the resistance against fascism during the Trump administration. Today, we’re still the resistance.

The Freedom Trucker fuckers are resisting vaccine mandates. Why? Because they’re a bunch of babies.

Canadian truckers are blocking the roads in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and several bridges connecting our two nations. They say they won’t end their blockades until Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, resigns. Once again, the far-right demands change in leadership without an election.

These groups are supported by the far-right in the United States as well. The goons on Fox News are supporting them. Donald Trump is supporting them. And the entire thing is based on conspiracy theories.

While raising money for this movement, hate groups have climbed aboard the campaign…as well as grifters. Remember when Steve Bannon was raising money to “build the wall,” but was really just raising money for himself? This is the same thing. Facebook and GoFundMe have both removed numerous groups associated with this Freedom Trucker shit for being associated with hate groups, fake information, and conspiracy theories.

So these truckers want to end mandates that you have to be vaccinated to enter Canada. But you also need to be vaccinated to enter the United States. They’re attempting to disrupt everyday life and the economy for “freedom.” They are a minority of Canadians trying to destroy the freedom of others for their supposed freedom.

Over 90 percent of Canadian truckers are vaccinated. Over 80 percent of Canadians are vaccinated.

The same people cheering on the truckers destroying the economy are the same people who hated on Black Lives Matter for protesting against police violence. They’re also the same people who attacked the Capitol and tried to overturn an election.

Because of shipment delays caused by these truckers, automobile plants in both countries have canceled shipments and cut hours. These truckers are hurting jobs in both countries. Remember when Republicans pretended to care about that kind of stuff?

The people who are leading this are all from the far right and are associated with Qanon and other assorted extremist hate groups. These are not nice people. There have been several incidents of violence from these truckers and their supporters. There may be more support for these racist truckers in the United States than there is in Canada.

Now, there are copycat movements in Australia and New Zealand, where they are also the fringe minority. There is an ongoing effort now to construct the same movement in Washington, D.C, and blockade our capital.

These people can’t win elections so they try to implement change through bullying, harassment, and violence. There is no place in our nation for that. When people broke the law by blocking streets for Civil Rights, they were fighting against discrimination. They were actually fighting for freedom. Mandating a vaccine to protect the entire population isn’t discrimination or an attack on freedom.

These truckers, just like the entire far-right white nationalist movement, are a bunch of babies. Everything they claim they’re protesting against is contradicted by the next thing they’re protesting against. What do they want? Attention…just likes babies.

Note: My dad was a trucker as well as one of my stepdads. My father never told me trucker stories but my stepdad, Robert Satterfield did. He also took me on a lot of trips as he was more of a father to me than my actual dad. He was a really good man and I loved him. And yes, truckers do get flashed though probably not very often. And according to Satterfield (which is how we often referred to him), he usually didn’t want to see what was flashed at him. And for some weird reason, it mostly happened in Alabama.

And on that note: Cartoonists rarely get flashed.

Music: I didn’t listen to any music while drawing when I was away from home this week. But I picked it up again today and listened to the Counting Crows and the Gin Blossoms.

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    All of these people are FIDIOTS – and anyone who follows or agrees with them!! … “These truckers, just like the entire far-right white nationalist movement, are a bunch of babies. Everything they claim they’re protesting against is contradicted by the next thing they’re protesting against. What do they want? Attention … just likes babies.”

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  2. The Truckers Convoy cares about no one and nothing but themselves, and they don’t care they are the minority opinion in Canada. They think they have power, and so far they are getting away with it because they are mainly white and privileged. As has been noted many times over, if indigenous people, peoples of other colours, or women protest, the police and RCMP are right there busting them up. But white males they are afraid to bust up. This world is so full of hypocrisy and hatred and conservative bullying it makes one wonder if we can ever overcome our own foibles.
    I heard in New Zealand they turned fire hoses on their protesters. We need to start using such methods on Canadian and American against these illegal protestors. You have to use force against force. Not deadly force, no, but force all the same.

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