Roughs, Volume 124

Here are a few roughs from the week before last week. Don’t worry. There are roughs from this week that I’ll post next week.


This was the second idea I had on Rudy being on the masked singer and I thought I might draw it up. I actually think it’s a stronger cartoon than the one I drew and sent to my clients…but I thought that cartoon was funnier.


This was one of those ideas where I made myself laugh. The rough made me laugh. The finished cartoon made me laugh. The idea in my head made me laugh. There was no way I wasn’t going to draw this cartoon.


This is the rough for the cartoon in last week’s CNN Opinion newsletter. This one came to me pretty early on a Friday morning, the day the Olympics began. I was working on my daily cartoon for my clients when I saw a report on Putin and Xi meeting up the day before the Olympics began, and ding. Lightbulb. I’m actually not a big fan of Olympic sports analogies but I think I’m in the minority with that among my colleagues. I put a lot of oomph into the crowd in the final version and I liked the way the entire cartoon came about.


I liked this and sat on it to use while in Las Vegas. I thought I might have a lot of distractions and it could be hard to pay as much attention to the news as I usually do. But, I used this concept in a cartoon about Eileen Gu, an Amerian skiing for China. Ironically, a lot of my readers hadn’t been paying enough attention to the news to know who Eileen Gu is.


My editor suggested I try to do an Olympic/Wordle cartoon to consider for the newsletter. I gave it a shot but I couldn’t find all the five-letter words I would have needed to make it work. We moved on to something better. I had already done a Wordle cartoon for my newspaper clients. By the way, I’m so over Wordle.


I kinda liked this one but had already drawn a cartoon on the subject. I ike the irony that while Brian Flores is suing over there not being enough black coaches in the NFL, the Republicans are screaming victimization that there will be one black woman on the Supreme Court.


I liked this one too but it’s probably been done before, so I let it slide. I do like drawing pandas though.

Kids, tell me which of these are your faves?

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  1. All good, but no favourite. However, the American Eilean Gu won a gold medal for China. Now a Canadian, Kellie Humphries, has won a gold medal for the USA. I think it is even, for you.


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