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During the final debate between Democratic candidate and former governor Terry McAuliffe and Republican candidate, Trump cultists, businessman, and job outsourcer, Glenn Youngkin, McAuliffe said he doesn’t believe “parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” Since then, that’s all Youngkin has been talking about.

Youngkin turned the footage into a digital ad, then announced spending $1 million on a commercial airing statewide proclaiming “Terry went on the attack against parents.” His campaign created a group called “Teachers for Youngkin” which sent out flyers talking about how McAuliffe is attacking parents. Tonight, Youngkin is going to stage a rally in Northern Virginia titled “Parents Matter.”

How dare a politician say something so callous as parents shouldn’t be telling teachers what to teach. It’s an outrage this big government liberal doesn’t want parents setting the curriculum. Why, what McAuliffe said…makes total and complete sense.

The people Youngkin is appealing to are the same people who want God in public education. They want school prayer. They don’t want vaccination or mask mandates in schools. They already believe teachers are indoctrinating students to be liberal, spit on the flag, and pledge allegiance to teacher unions. These are the same people screaming to remove Critical Race Theory from all public schools even though it’s not being taught in any public schools. These are the same people who believe Donald Trump won an election, January 6 was a protest, Ashley Babbitt just so happened to be strolling by innocently inside the Capitol when a police officer shot her, and that vaccines contain microchips.

Do you really want these people setting the agenda in public education? I bet Glenn Youngkin doesn’t either and is just using the issue as red meat to the Trump base he’s feeding. By going to Northern Virginia, Youngkin is hoping people who normally vote blue aren’t paying attention to the details…or to what he’s actually saying.

Have you seen the videos of parents screaming at school boards about vaccines and face masks? Have you seen the videos of them screaming at school board members and teachers in parking lots? These are not the people I want telling teachers how to teach. I would not trust these people to tell me how to microwave a Hot Pocket. “You have to be sure you stick the knives in the microwave.”

If a football coach can ignore a parent when they try to tell him how to run an offense or they should let their kid play quarterback, then teachers shouldn’t have to listen to dumbass parents. If a parent tells a teacher how we need more God in public school, I believe that teacher can legally give that parent a swirlie.

I’m a parent. Does that mean I can tell teachers to teach black lives matter?

Here’s the thing, kids: Parents do get a say in how their children are educated. It’s the same way they elect presidents, mayors, senators, representatives, etc. They get to vote on who sits on school boards. Voting is a voice. Go to school board and PTA meetings. Sure, be involved. But when you demand how your child is taught, you’re also demanding how my child is taught. But then again, you don’t understand that a virus can go from one child to another. How would you feel about a parent knowingly sending their kid to school with lice? Fun fact: Lice, like the coronavirus, don’t care if your kid’s parents are Democrats or Republicans.

Youngkin says he’s the guy for education and claims he wants to give teachers a pay increase. McAuliffe does too. But it’s Youngkin who wants to take money away from public schools and give it to private and charter schools. It’s Glenn Youngkin who wants to bring back segregation. Fun fact: Most private schools were created in the 1960s. Huh. I wonder why that is.

Glenn Youngkin proposed eliminating the state income tax, and then flipped his position. But did he really? If you really care about education, you should be concerned because eliminating the state income tax, which accounts for 72 percent of school funding, will force Virginia to lay off 43,000 teachers. Youngkin has a net worth of over $300 million which was earned by running an investment firm that gobbled up smaller companies and made them more profitable by laying people off and outsourcing jobs to Asia.

This year, CNBC ranked Virginia as the second-best in the nation for education. A high ranking in education makes Virginia extremely attractive for luring businesses from other states…and helps prevent businesses from leaving. A top-rate education system is great for economic development. Republicans need to go back to school to learn how that adds up because they haven’t connected two-plus-two on this issue yet. It’s like voting for Trump and not understanding why there’s an increase in Nazis and hate crimes.

They say the best way to destroy public education is to take away the state income tax. The second best way is to elect a Republican. Glenn Youngkin has the same ideas toward public education as Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Education Secretary who hates public education and believed we needed more guns in schools to save students from bear attacks. Virginia needs a Democratic governor to save schools from Republican attacks. Fun fact: Bears attack fewer Americans than Republican Nazis. Another fun fact: More students have died from mass shootings at schools than from bears.

Republicans hate public education. Don’t take it from. me Take it from Republicans.

Another fun fact: The least educated vote Republicans. As Donald Trump once said about voters, “I love the poorly educated.” He loves the poorly educated almost as he loves quarter pounders and Nazis. Glenn Youngkin will let the poorly educated tell teachers what to teach your child.

For the sake of your child, keep Virginia blue. Vote for Terry McAuliffe.

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  1. If Youngkin thinks that emphasizing how McAuliffe “is attacking parents” is going to bring “teachers for Youngkin” he is as divorced from reality as his mentor tRump.

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