Spearing Sinema


As Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema was walking through the halls of Congress, a reporter asked her where she stands on President Joe Biden’s Build-Back-Better plan, which she has been holding up with West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. Sinema, who didn’t break her speed to get away from the reporters, replied, “I stand in the Senate.” I hate to be harsh, Senator Sinema, but that was the type of answer we’d expect from Martha McSally.

While she was one of Arizona’s appointed senators, Martha McSally verbally attacked CNN’s Manu Raju when he asked her about Trump’s impeachment. Without pausing while walking through the halls of Congress, she snapped, “You’re a liberal hack.” That was just one of a lot of reasons to get rid of Martha McSally, and that’s exactly what Arizona did.

I’m sure everyone who voted to oust McSally don’t regret doing so, but many are having regrets with whom they chose to replace her, Kyrsten Sinema.

Correction: Nobody alerted me to this. I caught it while talking to a friend about when Sinema’s term ends. Sinema did defeat Martha McSally to replace retiring Senator Jeff Flake in 2018. Sinema did not replace McSally in the Senate. This is where it can get confusing. McSally was appointed to the Senate AFTER she lost to Sinema. McSally was appointed to fill the seat opened by the death of Senator John McCain. It was astronaut Mark Kelly who defeated McSally in 2020. Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

I thought Representative Ilhan Omar was being a little too harsh and unfair to Senators Sinema and Manchin, who have recently been dubbed “Manchinema.” Omar called her Democratic counterparts in the Senate something worse than “Manchinema.” She called them “Republicans.” Ooh. That’s brutal. But, when you hear why Manchinema are upholding the Biden agenda, they do sound like Republicans.

Why are they holding up the $3.5 trillion Build-Back-Better plan? Nobody really knows. They’re in negotiations but it’s hard to negotiate with people who don’t tell you what they’re negotiating for. Even kidnappers and terrorists are explicit with their demands.

Sinema is being less rational then kidnappers, terrorists, and even Republicans.

A lot of Sinema’s supporters in Arizona feel betrayed by her. Duplicating John McCain’s thumbs-down to save Obamacare, she famously gave a thumbs-down on the floor of the Senate voting against a federal hike of the minimum wage to $15. Then, a photo was taken of her sipping some fruity drink while wearing a matching hat for the drink, big loopy earrings, and a ring with the words, “Fuck off.” The people who sent her campaign money, walked sidewalks handing out fliers, and knocking on doors to make her a United States senator felt she was telling them to “fuck off.”

Jade Duran, an Arizonan who campaigned for Sinema and who’s now been a part of protest outside her Phoenix office, for which she was arrested, said, “It really feels like she does not care about her voters. I will never vote for her again.”

What does Sinema want removed from this bill she claims is too expensive (which it’s not because it won’t add to the deficit)?

Maybe she doesn’t want two years of Universal Pre-K for 3-and 4-year-old children, a program that will serve five million children.

Maybe she doesn’t want paid family leave.

Maybe she doesn’t want Medicare to be able to control prescription drug prices.

Maybe she doesn’t want at-home care for the elderly.

Maybe she doesn’t want to raise taxes for the rich and cut them for the middle class.

Maybe she doesn’t want to invest in green technology.

Maybe she doesn’t want 7.7 million jobs created over the next decade in clean energy.

Maybe she doesn’t want to create $907 billion in economic growth.

Maybe she doesn’t want to provide over $154 billion in tax revenue to local and state governments.

Maybe she doesn’t want an annual tax credit of $3,600 for every child under 6 and $3,000 for every child age 6-18, half of it paid in advance to assist low-income families.

Maybe she doesn’t want the largest anti-poverty program in a half century.

Maybe she doesn’t want to end hunger for children.

We know she doesn’t want to raise the minimum wage to $15. We know she wants the people serving her fruity drinks that match her hat to continue to be underpaid while she tells them to “Fuck off.”

Maybe she wants to run around outside kicking puppies while wearing her fuck-off ring.

Maybe what she wants is to be a Republican. She better be careful because when she runs for reelection, Arizona might tell her to fuck off.

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  1. Great cartoon and blog today. I actually looked up the photo you referenced because I’d missed it. Yikes.

    Of course, Mitch McConnell and the Republicans say the same thing as Sinema’s ring every day to everyone in America who isn’t white and rich and Republican. They just don’t wear the ring that says so.

    Makes me wish LBJ were indeed here to deal with her and Manchin…but there’s actually nothing, not even a bride to nowhere, to use as leverage against them.

    Zoe Koosis

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How do people like this even get elected in the first place. One would think after the Trump fiasco the voters would give up on electing dildoes, but it seems they’re now addicted to them. How many more times can they get bitten in the ass before they realize that irresponsible assholes stay irresponsible assholes. Do they really want their nation to be destroyed?


  3. I am certain she will have some primary challengers when she is up for reelection. And with AZ slowly getting bluer, she may lose that fight.


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