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The National Basketball Association has been the most progressive of major league sports in this nation for the past decade. They’ve led the way on race relations and civil rights while white idiots in the NFL and MLB are still making racist comments and exhibiting mind-dazzling ignorance. Drew Brees is about as woke as country singer Jason Aldean, who either sings “Farmer’s Daughter” or “Big Green Tractor.” I would ask Alexa, but I’m afraid she might start playing one of those songs.

Also, Colin Kaepernick still can’t get an invite to try out for a team. That’s some racist shit, NFL.

But when it comes to the coronavirus, NBA players are sounding a lot like that racist blonde bimbo on Fox News who told them to “shut up and dribble.”

A lot of NBA players are saying no to vaccines and the players’ union is telling the league that mandatory vaccinations are a “non-starter.”

When the pandemic began, it shut down the season. When the season resumed, it wasn’t for every team and for the teams that were playing, they were in a bubble at Disneyland. And now, prominent players are refusing to get the vaccine. Do they want to go back to the bubble? Do they want to stop playing in front of fans?

There are only two NBA cities with vaccine mandates for entertainment, like going to clubs, bars, movies, and sporting events. These mandates also affects players, even if they’re stubborn millionaire assholes. But since these mandates are only in two NBA cities, they only affect three teams, the Golden State Warriors, the New York Knicks, and the Brooklyn Nets. In case you’re a Republican, Brooklyn is a part of New York City.

The Knicks say they’re 100 percent vaccinated. Everyone on the team has got the jab. The Nets, not so much. Kyrie Irving, a star for the Nets, isn’t just a skeptic, it looks like he’s an anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist. He’s liking accounts on Instagram that are pushing the debunked-microchip conspiracy theory. If the league proposal goes through that unvaxxed players can’t play in vaccine-mandated cities, players like Kyrie will be skipping home games and salads.

Andrew Wiggin, a player for Golden State, is also refusing to be vaccinated citing a religious exemption. Apparently, whatever religion he belongs to requires its practitioners to be selfish entitled assholes.

There are about 50-60 unvaccinated players which is a good percentage for the league, because there are currently 637 active players in the NBA. But one unvaccinated player is too many.

Kyrie and others have made the argument for their “personal freedom.” Where have we heard that bullshit before? We have to make the same points to a few NBA players that we’re making to dumbass Republican governors? Your contaminated self is violating my freedom not to get COVID.

The players’ union hopes to reach an agreement on this with the league. Here’s an agreement: Stop being a bunch of whiny-ass baby conspiracy theorist and get the fucking vax. If DoorDash, Lyft, and McDonald’s can force all their employees to get the vaccine, the NBA can too.

I understand black Americans’ skepticism of vaccines, and black players make up 74% of the NBA. They have a better argument for vaccine skepticism than white yee-haw fuckers. In the past, this nation has practiced medical experimentation on its black population. The government has not always been friends to Black America. But when you’re talking about microchips in the vaccine, your position is no longer rational. Also, I wouldn’t worry about the government tracking you through microchips in vaccines when you’re on Instagram.

Now, Lebron James, who’s been a huge voice for civil rights and an advocate for education. He’s been a champion for confronting racism and sexism. He’s been the poster dude for all things good and responsible. Yet, he resisted getting the vaccine. Now, he says after doing the research, he’s gotten the vaccine but he won’t advise others to do the same. Lebron James now has the official position of Donald Trump. Take the jab in secret but don’t tell anyone else to do it.

If Lebron spoke out and encouraged everyone to get it, and even said there should be a mandate, there would be a mandate. He’s that powerful. And if he’s done the research on getting the jab, then he knows there should be vaccine mandates because that’s in the same research. Players like Lebron and Steph Curry have been brave in confronting Donald Trump over his racism, but they’re being cowards by not confronting their own teammates.

I think every city in this nation, especially cities with major league teams, should adopt the same vaccine mandates as New York City and San Francisco. That will force all these players to get the vaccine. How many of them do you believe would be willing to give up their season?

A couple of players did give up their season in professional sports last year, but not because of vaccine mandates…but because they didn’t want to catch COVID. We didn’t have the vaccine last year but we do now. A study has been released stating NFL teams that have the highest vaccination rates among their players have a playing advantage against teams with lower vaccination rates.

By the way, how much freaky shit do athletes already put inside their bodies? How much strange do players get on the road, which the league is well-noted for? And these players are afraid there’s a risk to the vaccines?

Two weeks ago, seven coaches for the New Orleans Saints had to miss a game after they all tested positive for the coronavirus. Five of the coaches were vaccinated but two weren’t…which means they most likely got it from unvaccinated players and coaches. A player also tested positive along with a nutritionist.

Without these coaches, the Saints lost to the Carolina Panthers 26-7. The week before that game, the Saints beat the Green Bay Packers 38-3 and last week, they beat the New England Patriots 28-13. The Saints don’t suck. The Panthers didn’t beat them. The Saints beat themselves by not mandating everyone to be vaccinated.

At this point, not getting vaccinated is stupid, even if your name is Lebron. If these players want to be professional, want a competitive advantage, and want to do the best for their teammates, community, and families, they will all get the vaccine.

You don’t need to shut up and dribble, but you should be mandated to be vaccinated before you can bounce a ball.

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  1. Clay, the rule of thumb for the network is “you have the right to your opinion as long as it agrees with ours.” It is only when athletes, actors, singers, etc. use their platform to say uncomfortable things are they called on the carpet by opinion folks. It is OK for the NFL to hide their concussion and CTE problem from football players, but they better dare not condone a Black man kneeling during the national anthem in protest for BLM. Keith

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Hey, NBA!! Get it done … “At this point, not getting vaccinated is stupid, even if your name is Lebron. If these players want to be professional, want a competitive advantage, and want to do the best for their teammates, community, and families, they will all get the vaccine. You don’t need to shut up and dribble, but you should be mandated to be vaccinated before you can bounce a ball.”

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  3. I thought Toronto had a vaccination mandate, but since they have a conservative premier, maybe not. The NHL says you must be vaccinated to play, or at least individual teams do. Other sports, I have no idea. But I bet NASCAR pit crews have to be, or drivers will be changing their own tires!!!!!

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