Taliban Reinstatement


At least the MyPillow Qnut got one thing right. There was a reinstatement this weekend by knuckle-dragging cave-dwelling conservative sexist troglodyte fundamentalists who have zero respect for science and will take power against the will of the people. Mike Lindell just got the wrong extremists.

Mike Lindell and other Qnuts predicted Donald Trump would be reinstated on August 13, which was last Friday. If he had predicted it was to be a reinstatement weekend, he would have been correct, except it wasn’t for Trump.

The image of the Taliban sitting inside the presidential palace is probably as disturbing to Afghans as the image of MAGA terrorists storming through our nation’s Capitol building carrying the Confederate flag. If Donald Trump could retake control of our government through a civil war, he would do it. A lot of his supporters are discussing this.

Donald Trump is NOT a constitutionalist. The entire MAGA movement that’s supposed to make America great again is anti-Constitution. Constitutionalists don’t try to overturn elections or call for Myanmar-style coups.

Donald Trump sent his goons to overturn the election in several states. He called state election officials and told them to “find the votes.” He didn’t even tell them to find every “lost” vote. He only asked them to find just enough for him to win. He called his MAGAts to Washington on January 6 to stop the certification of the election. Even after Congress was attacked, 147 Republican/MAGAt members voted to overturn the election for Trump and the terrorists. Since that attack, Trump has expressed no remorse for the Capitol Police officers who died and those who were wounded. Instead, he’s expressed outrage over the death of one of his terrorists. And, yes. Ashli Babbitt was a terrorist.

If Donald Trump wanted to help his MAGA terrorists destroy our nation, he should have given them as much support as he gave to the Taliban.

Trump invited the Taliban to Camp David for a photo-op…on 9/11. He and Mike Pompeo, his stupidass Secretary of State, demanded the release of over 5,000 Taliban members imprisoned by the legitimately-elected Afghan government, including Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who is now declaring himself the new president. While Trump didn’t get his photo-op with the Taliban, Pompeo got one. Trump and Pompeo negotiated the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, not with the Afghan government, but with the Taliban. Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo claimed the Taliban would help fight the war on terror which would be like saying dirt, grime, and soap scrum will join the shower-cleaning fight with Scrubbing Bubbles.

It should also be noted, the Taliban endorsed Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

When the Taliban controlled Afghanistan 20 years ago, only Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates recognized them. The Taliban has barely had the capital, Kabul, for 24 hours, but they’re already being recognized by China and Turkey says they’re willing to talk and open diplomatic relations. But Donald Trump had recognized and legitimized the Taliban back in 2020.

Let Afghanistan be a lesson. While people are shocked the Taliban can recapture the government after 20 years out of power, this is exactly what Republicans are trying to do to our nation. Like the Taliban, Trump and MAGAt America are willing to retake our government against the will of the people. At a conservative conference for fucknuts, former Trump national security adviser, now-disgraced general, and recipient of a Trump pardon, Michael Flynn, endorsed the idea of having a Myanmar-style coup to restore Trump to power.

Donald Trump and his MAGAts are just as horrible and oppressive as the Taliban. They both will imprison political opposition, oppress women, allow a tyrant to rule the nation, and dictate law according to religion.

All those MAGATs who attacked the capitol, the MyPillow Guy, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Fox News, every Republican groveling to Trump, and the entire Trump family are the Trump Taliban. Everyone who believes Trump won the 2020 election are the Trump Taliban. Everyone who believes or wishes he’d return to power without being elected are the Trump Taliban. When we oppose the Trump Taliban, we’re not just fighting for our political will. We’re fighting to save our nation.

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  1. What you are fighting down there is stupidity. We up here will soon be fighting stupidity of a different kind. We’re holding a general election that nobody wants, involving Trump-type conservatives who are dying to get back into power, attention-seeking liberals who want us to tell them how good they have been at fighting the pandemic, a few minor parties that won’t take enough seats to matter (I hope!) and then our potential winners the socialist-leaning New Democratic Party who now actually are the Only Real Alternative to our stupidity.
    The NDP are the only serious political party in Canada right now. I hope to hell our racist voters can overlook the turban on the head of our next Prime Minister and give the NDP a chance to show us what they can do. They will either surprise a lot of people, or disappoint me to no end. But at least they will be different that what has always come before, stupidity.


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Lessons learned? Save the nation … USA, of course! … “Let Afghanistan be a lesson. While people are shocked the Taliban can recapture the government after 20 years out of power, this is exactly what Republicans are trying to do to our nation. Like the Taliban, Trump and MAGAt America are willing to retake our government against the will of the people.”


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