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The talking point on Fox News and with Republicans in Congress is that President Joe Biden is weak on Russia and Vladimir Putin is going to play him. Seriously. Unless President Biden gets down on all fours and allows Putin to use him as a foot stool, he can’t come off weaker than Donald Trump did…and even then, the foot stool strategy would be tougher on Putin than Trump.

Donald Trump wasn’t just soft on Putin…he was a fan boy.

During the 2016 campaign, Trump praised Putin. He praised Putin while criticizing the American president. He loved Putin so much, he defended the guy when Bill O’Reilly pointed out he was a killer. He loved Putin so much, he even lied about meeting the guy. He loved Putin so much, he tried to bribe him with a penthouse in a Moscow Trump Tower.

During the 2016, Russia helped Donald Trump win the presidency. This is a fact. Russia attacked his opponent, hacking into the Democratic Party’s campaign and giving the emails to Wikileaks to publish. Today, no Republican can tell you what was actually revealed. It’s like an, “A-ha! There’s something!” They couldn’t have told you then either, but a lot of goons seemed to think there was something in there about pedophilia at a pizza shop.

Russia was the one doing the hacking and they gave the seized information to Wikileaks. They did this the same day Donald Trump said, “Russia, if you’re listening.” They were listening.

Trump loved Putin so much, that his campaign invited Russians into its headquarters at Trump Tower to provide dirt on Hillary Clinton. Russia already had a “useful idiot” operating inside the campaign. At one point, Trump’s campaign was operated by Paul Manafort, a man who helped a Russian puppet become president of Ukraine. Under his leadership, the Trump campaign gave internal polling to people connected with Russia, who in turn gave that information to Russia.

Russia loved the idea of a Trump presidency so much that they specifically targeted Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, even promoting Jill Stein to pull votes from Hillary Clinton. They knew to do this from the internal campaign polling they had been given. Russia even funneled money into the National Rifle Association for them to spend on campaigning for Trump.

After Trump and Russia stole the White House, Jared went to the Russian embassy to inquire about setting up a back channel for communication. Trump even hired Michael Flynn to be his National Security Adviser, a guy who had been paid to make appearances in Russia.

During Trump’s debate with Hillary Clinton, she accused him of being “Putin’s puppet.” His witty response was, “You’re the puppet.” Later, during his summit with Putin, Trump said he didn’t see any reason why Putin would hack the election. That translates to, “I’m the puppet.” Trump, Putin’s Puppet, took Putin’s word over our national intelligence. During the summit, Trump kicked everyone out of the room except his interpretors so he could be alone with Putin. Afterward, he confiscated the notes from the interpreters.

Donald Trump even gave classified information to Russia when he invited Russians into the Oval Office, where he allowed them to bring recording equipment after he kicked out the American press.

President Joe Biden has to have a summit with Putin just to set him straight. He has to let Putin know the business of Trump is over and that we have a president now who will put our nation before Russia. The praise and worship of oligarchs like Putin and Kim Jong Un, where an American president gives them credibility, is over. There will not be a public press conference with the two presidents.

Vladimir Putin is very experienced when it comes to face-to-face meetings with leaders of democratic nations. President Joe Biden is also experienced with foreign policy and dealing with autocratic leaders. He’s met Putin before. He’s meeting Putin to confront him, not join his fan club.

There is nothing President Biden can do that would endanger our nation more than it was by that national security threat who went to Helsinki to kiss Putin’s ass.

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Right on target!! … “There is nothing President Biden can do that would endanger our nation more than it was by that national security threat who went to Helsinki to kiss Putin’s ass.”


  2. You’re probably going to take this down, but I’m going to say it anyway. Biden being a footstool is better than Trump giving Putin blow jobs, and buttering his anus so Russia could screw America up the ass.
    I’m not impressed with Biden, but he is way better than Trumpelstiltorangeskin ever was.


  3. Once again, I love me a single panel Claytoon that can say it all without speech bubbles. Sure, there’s a thought bubble, but so what? No words necessary. You’re awesome Clay!


    1. P.S. – I just noticed that the bird is adding a little bit of something orangie deserves into his sippy cup. It’s the subtleties that make stuff like this even more golden.


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