Washington Tourists


We don’t have all the answers to the attack on the Capitol Complex on January 6. But the one thing we definitely know is that it was an attack.

It shouldn’t matter if the attackers were Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Trump supporters, the Salvation Army, Green Peace, the Girl Scouts of America, the High Country Cloggers, postal workers, the Sierra Club, the International Kazoo Players Association, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Foo Fighters, or the Utah Jazz. The attack should be investigated.

This attack on the Capitol was not a protest. It was an attempt to stop the certification of an election. It was an attempt to stop, or at least delay, Congress’s count of the electoral college. It was an attempt to infringe upon a congressional task mandated by the United States Constitution. It was an attempt to overturn an election and hand the presidency to the man who lost. It was a bloody coup attempt.

There is no actual doubt Donald Trump lost the election. There are only debunked conspiracy theories. Everyone who believes Donald Trump won the election and had it stolen from him only believe it becaues they want to believe. They can’t handle the truth. The truth is, he lost.

Trump also lost over 60 court cases trying to throw out election results. He lost in state courts. He lost in the Supreme Court. He even lost his own Justice Department. For the love of god, he lost William Barr. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud or election fraud. There is not one tiny bit of evidence to support the slightest chance Donald Trump won even one of the five states that flipped to President Joe Biden.

When people attack a government to change the government, to change an election result, to change a leader, it’s a terrorist attack. If you believe the people who went into the Capitol are tourists, then the 9/11 hijackers flew into the World Trade Center looking for the gift shop.

Tourists don’t break in. They don’t bust doors down. They don’t break then climb through windows to gain entry. They don’t trash the place. They don’t defecate on the floors and wipe it on the walls. They don’t assault the people guarding where they’re touring. They don’t kill people. They typically don’t bring bear spray and Molotov cocktails with them. I can’t recall the last time nearly 500 tourists were arrested for taking a tour.

It shouldn’t be partisan to investigate the attack, but Republicans have made it so. The Republican Party is protecting terrorists because their leader is a terrorist. Many House and Senate members supported the terrorists. One even live-tweeted the location of other members of Congress.

Will a January 6 commission find out why Lauren Boebert was coordinating with terrorists? Will a commission discover any connections between other sitting members of Congress and the terrorists? Will a commission get down and find out everything said between House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and the terrorists’ leader, Donald Trump? Will a commission discover if Senator Josh Hawley has a long history of fisting terrorists? Will a commission discover how well Trump, his kids, Rudy Giuliani, and Roger Stone are connected to the terrorists? What else are Republicans hiding?

It’s tragic the people who are guilty are able to vote on their crime being investigated.

Republicans are hiding something…or a lot of things. They have to be to come up with something so stupid as describing the MAGA terrorists as “tourists.”

Creative note: I started drawing this Saturday morning, but stopped when I got my Matt Gaetz inflatable girlfriend idea. I forgot I had recorded what I drew Saturday, and because I wasn’t paying attention, it was included in the video for the Gaetz cartoon. I don’t think anyone noticed.

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  1. Yeah, a lousy t-shirt and hopefully a prison sentence. I wish justice wasn’t so slow but I do want a lot of evidence to make sure these people get locked up.

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  2. Andy Borowitz: “Republicans Claim January 6th Rioters Were Middle Schoolers on Field Trip

    “I’ve had teenagers, and I know what kind of horseplay and tomfoolery they can get up to,” Senator Ron Johnson said. “I didn’t set up a commission every time they raised a little heck.”.


  3. Dear Clay,


    if this mob had been tourists, then the rest of the world should close their borders to US tourists! It's bad enough when they wear obnoxious t-shirts and ask for American "beer" in local German pubs, but after this show, I'd rather not seeing them touring our German Reichstagsgebäude in Berlin!






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    clayjonz posted: " We don't have all the answers to the attack on the Capitol Complex on January 6. But the one thing we definitely know is that it was an attack. It shouldn't matter if the attackers were Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Trump supporters, the Salvation Ar"


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