MAGA Terrorism

Hump Day Treason


First, I gotta get this off my chest: If you still live at home and you need your mommy to tell the jail you were thrown into after committing a terrorist attack that you can only eat organic food or it’ll give you the rumbly tummy, then maybe you’re not big boy enough to take part in terrorist attacks. Also, I don’t know how you were raised, but if I committed treason, and pooped all over the capitol building hallways, I wouldn’t want my mother to find out. I would have been more afraid of what my mom would have done to me than any law enforcement. These MAGA terrorists? They took their moms with them. As Monica Hess writes for The Washington Post, Zip-Tie Guy might have brought his mother to the terrorist attack. And I always thought the “Tijuana Bring Your Mother To The Gangbang” song was inappropriate.

For weeks, MAGA terrorists were telling us they were coming to the capital to mount an insurrection. They weren’t just telling each other in code on Parler and Gab (EdnesWay, ApitalKay, AboomKay), whatever the hell “Gab” is. They were broadcasting it loud and clear on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. A MAGAt in my friend list on Facebook advertised several times that they were coming to Washington to prevent Joe Biden from becoming president. After the attack, why, it was Antifa who did all the violence…which was awesome and patriotic and…they’re coming back. This person made a post stating that Joe Biden will never be sworn in, but if he is, he won’t be president for long. What does that mean? Well, I think it means enough that law enforcement should pay attention and be prepared. And also, there are Republican members in Congress who talk like that stupid Facebook MAGAt.

Despite the MAGAts advertising they were coming…and despite the president (sic) of the United States saying they were coming and it was going to be “wild,” law enforcement didn’t do much. Even during the attack, requests for back-up went unanswered for hours.

A senior official at the FBI declared the bureau had “no intelligence” that anyone supporting Donald Trump and his bogus claim of having the election stolen from him, was headed to Washington planning to do harm. But that’s not true. The day before the attack, the FBI office in Norfolk, Virginia received a warning that MAGA goons were planning violence and “war.”

The Norfolk office said there were calls for “violence” in response to “illegal lockdowns” to begin on January 6 in Washington, DC. From online chatter, the FBI knew that terrorists were meeting in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and South Carolina and would head in groups to Washington.

One of the hate-forum messages the FBI found and shared internally said, “Be ready to fight. Congress needs to hear glass breaking, doors being kicked in, and blood from their BLM and Pantifa slave soldiers being spilled. Get violent. Stop calling this a march, or rally, or a protest. Go there ready for war. We get our President or we die. NOTHING else will achieve this goal.”

Yeah, that’s the first time I’ve heard “Pantifa” also. I think it’s a combination of “pussy” and “Antifa.” Oh, so clever. Do Antifa guys’ mommies help with their jail food too?

Now there are reports that the MAGA terrorists are planning attacks in every state capital (in case you’re a Republican, there are 50 of them), and once again in Washington, D.C.

Since we know this, law enforcement should be prepared. There are reports that there will be at least 15,000 National Guard troops in the capital on inauguration day. But they also need to be aware of who the terrorists are.

And get this: The Joint Chiefs had to issue a statement to all members of the military that it’s their job to defend the United States, not partake in “sedition and insurrection.” Why did they have to issue this statement? Because some members of the Capitol Police may have helped the terrorists.

Two Capitol Police officers are under suspension and ten more are being investigated. It’s reported that some opened doors for the terrorists and gave directions to specific congressmembers’ offices. One of the cops even posed for a selfie with a MAGAt terrorist.

We know that at least three congressmen helped organize the rally. Trump goon Ali Alexander said he organized the rally with help from Congressmen Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs, and Paul Gosar. During the attack, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert tweeted that Speaker Nancy Pelosi had “been removed from the chamber,” helping the terrorists, like Zip-Tie Guy and his mom, try to find her location. These are conspirators in a terrorist attack. These are people in the United States Congress who committed sedition and rebellion. These are members of Congress who are accessories to attempted murder.

And they’re still cooperating in it. Marjorie Taylor Green, a freshmen member of Congress from Georgia, who is a Qanon follower, tweeted yesterday, “President Trump will remain in office. This Hail Mary attempt to remove him from the White House is an attack on every American who voted for him. Democrats must be held accountable for the political violence inspired by their rhetoric.” And she’s in Congress.

These members of Congress don’t deserve to be in Congress and should be removed as the 14th Amendment stipulates. They also need to be identified as supporters of terrorism.

While the Trump administration is deflecting and re-classifying Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, Donald Trump is a sponsor of terrorism. And he’s still doing it. Yesterday, he said about the impeachment, “Be careful what you wish for.”

The Proud Boys, who took part in last week’s attack, may be labeled as a terrorist organization by Canada soon. The United States should have listed them as a terrorist organization a long time ago. Instead, who does the Trump administration designate as “enemies of the American people?” The free press and Canadian cheese.

By the way, has Donald Trump called for his MAGAt terrorists to stay home, to not engage in violence? Not really. He said he didn’t want any violence while rambling about stolen elections yesterday. But he hasn’t come out and given an explicit statement against violence or toward the people who he earlier said were “special” and that he loved. Actually, he said that while they were still attacking the capitol building.

These are terrorists trying to overturn an election. Just as terrorists do, they’re basing their beliefs on lies. They’re trying to steal our democracy, destroy our republic, and install a fascist leader. You read the terrorist’s words. “We get our President or we die.” They don’t care what the voters said.

My hope here is that they spent all their money on the last terrorist attack, all the rooms are booked or overpriced in the Washington area for the inauguration (they are expensive), and they don’t hear that a judge helped raccoon-tail-wearing horny Tarzan get his organic jail food (we’re trying to make jail more comfortable for terrorists now?).

For all I care, they can all go to prison, and and eat shit. Them and their mamas.

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