Enemy Of Statehood


In Georgia and several other states, Republicans are not making it harder to vote for black Americans because of widespread voter fraud and a lack of integrity with the 2020 presidential election. They’re changing laws and making it harder to vote for black Americans because there was a massive voter turnout which did not give them the result they wanted. It’s for that same reason Republicans will prevent the District of Columbia from becoming a state.

Republicans are good at talking about taxation without representation when discussing the American Revolution. It’s something they bring up quite often when discussing the 2nd Amendment. But they literally work in a city where the citizens don’t have federal representation.

The American citizens of Washington, D.C. do not have representation in Congress. Not in the Senate and not in the House. They have what is called a shadow senator who can’t vote. Basically, they have a lobbyist. But why should the people in our nation’s capital have zero representatives while Wyoming has three?

Wyoming, which is a state, has one congressman and two senators while having fewer residents than Washington, D.C. The same goes for Vermont which is also a state. And don’t get me started on Puerto Rico, which is not a state but would be the 31st most-populated if it was. In case you’re a Republican, there are currently 50 states. I’ll give you bonus points if you can tell me how states Canada has (Hint: It’s a trick question).

So why won’t Republicans allow Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico to become states? Because Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico would most likely send Democrats to Congress. That would be four more Senators for the Democratic Party (In case you’re a Republican, each state gets two senators. Even the crappy states like the Dakotas). And, it would be at least five more representatives for the Democratic Party in the House. The District would have one House seat while Puerto Rico would have four. Also, it’s not very likely any of them would be white.

For Alaska and Hawaii to become states in 1958, they had to be tied together. That way, both parties were to receive an equal number of senators (in case you’re a Republican, two apiece). Although, the funny thing is, Hawaii was expected to be a Republican state and Alaska was expected to go to the Democrats. Today, we don’t have any territories that are Republican. The District and each territory are non-white. In addition to Puerto Rico, there is Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. There are nine more territories that are unpopulated and even two that are disputed.

Even in the states we have now, representation is not equal. California has nearly 40 million people while Wyoming has less than 600,000. With two senators for each state, that gives a Wyoming voter approximately 70 times the influence in the Senate as a California voter. Republicans don’t care about this. While there are small Democratic-leaning states like Vermont and Delaware, most are red like Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming.

Here’s another way to look at the way representation in the Senate is given: It takes 22 of our smallest populated states to equal the 40 million population of California. That means 40 millions Americans have 44 United States senators and another 40 million only have two.

The system that distributes senators is as outdated as the one that distributes electoral college votes. This is a system devised by slave owners so slave states with smaller populations could have as much political clout as larger states. And Republicans do expect to have more representation than those on the left. Ever seen one of those ridiculous memes on Facebook that shows the bulk of the nation as red, ignoring the fact they’re showing empty acres more than population centers. Republicans demand that wide-open fields of nobody should have more representation than the human beings in Philadelphia…or the nearly 700,000 human beings in Washington, D.C. whose majority of non-white citizens don’t get to have any representation in Congress.

White Republicans aren’t eager to create new Senate and House seats that brown people will vote to fill. As it is now, they’re trying to eliminate non-white voters in actual states. As Georgia goes from a red to blueish state, it has sent two Democratic senators to Washington. So Republicans are now trying to make it harder for black people to vote. This is going to keep happening.

Other states like Arizona have gone from red to blue. Texas is expected to do the same. The Republican solution is to stop non-white people from voting. Voters are supposed to choose their leaders. Now, Republicans want to choose their voters.

Republicans are all about taxation with representation just so long as it’s the right representation. And to get the results they want, Republicans, those loveable scragamuffins who like to refer to themselves as “constitutionalists,” have to violate the basic principles of the Constitution.

The majority of this nation is voting Democratic while the bulk of representation is Republican. Although they’ve been representing fewer Americans for at least over the last decade, Republicans have been controlling the courts. These courts will not represent the people of this nation for decades thanks to the small-state influence of Republicans. And even with that advantage, Republicans had to steal two Supreme Court seats.

Think about it. If the court had been seated by justices the population actually wanted, then there probably would not be an accused rapist on the Supreme Court for the next 30 years.

Republicans are not playing fair and while they’re playing politics, they’re depriving American citizens their basic constitutional rights of selecting their leaders.

In opposing statehood and black voting, Republicans are the enemies of the state.

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  1. Being non-American, I cannot understand how states can control who votes in a federal election? I understand that they can control who votes in state elections, though that in itself speaks more to dictatorship than it does to democracy, which I personally find offensive. Still…
    But back to my original thought, the circumstances applying at the birth of your nation are long dead. Circumstances are so different now than even your Founding Fathers could never have envisaged that it is time for the government of the United States to take command of their elections and electors. The states should have zero say in who gets elected to the federal government.
    Barring such a sweeping change to how the US elects their Congress people (I know the Republican Party will try to bar this!), then turn the heavily-populated states into smaller states. I’m sure Califonians would not mind being split into 40 smaller states if that meant they got to have equal representation as less populous states. Same goes gor all over-populated states. And take away District of Columbia status away from the city of Washington, and if you cannot turn that into a state, have it join with Virginia, and then split Virginia into a number of smaller states so they have equal representation in the federal government also.
    You mentioned, Clay, about how the territories have no representation in federal politics. I do not know how they are governed, but it is unconscionable if the people who live in the territories pay taxes to the federal government yet get no representation in Congress. Even we shitheads in Canada have our territories representated in our federal government. To exclude any taxpayer is a black eye on that government which collects the taxes, yet gives nothing in return.
    How many states in Canada? We have a restaurant chain called State & Main. Do they count?

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:

    The state of Washington, DC affairs!! … “The American citizens of Washington, D.C. do not have representation in Congress. Not in the Senate and not in the House. They have what is called a shadow senator who can’t vote. Basically, they have a lobbyist.”

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  3. Residents of Texas pay no state income tax, as provided in the state constitution.

    Perhaps Republicans would be willing to waive federal income tax for District of Columbia tesidents? No?

    Republicans are nitwits. They would probably have a good chance of picking off Puerto Rico. And the District of Columbia is becoming more white every day, although those particular whites may be Republican-killers. Can’t have that!

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  4. Congratulations, Clay, I saw your cartoon in WaPo, just now, good exposure! Although your blogs are top notch, and don’t think they follow your cartoons elsewhere? Anyways, thanks for all you do! Chris Leland Duluth, MN

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