Roughs, Volume 88

Here are a few roughs from last week.

CNNrough1188I came up with this idea last Friday and I totally intended to draw it over the weekend, then something else happened and then something else happened. Finally, right when I was about to tackle it, Maxine Waters made news for something else and then…Jim Jordan got into a fight with another black female representative. Sheesh! So, I ended up shelving this for two other cartoons that featured Maxine Waters. 


This is the rough that became the cartoon for CNN last Sunday. I was very happy with it.


I drew this cartoon and published it last Saturday. I’m still getting yelled at for it over on Twitter.


The idea here is, the pregnant woman is watching her husband leave for Afghanistan in 2001, and in 2021, she and her husband are watching their child come home from Afghanistan. I just wasn’t sure I could convey the father/son thing in a cartoon. I think it was a really good concept though.


I still haven’t heard anyone in the press ask how the kid got the gun. This is what we’ve come to in this country and why we’re an embarrassment. It doesn’t even occur to us to ask how a 13-year-old got a gun. It’s the United States. Of course he was able to get a gun.


I wasn’t sure about this one but I liked it.

Now that I’ve posted these roughs, I gotta get ready to draw a bunch more for CNN tomorrow. You’ll probably see all of them next week. I’m tired.

What was your favorite?

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  1. I don’t generally pick favourites, nor will I today. But the FedEx toon is certainly timely, and while I do not like glorifying murder, this one works of many levels, including the uselessness of thoughts and prayers. Now maybe those who didn’t like it can rain on my parade, and forget about criticizing you.

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