Shut Your Pie Hole


Congressman Jim Jordan does not get along with black women.

To be fair to Jordan, he is an asshole. Assholes have trouble getting along with a lot of people. Still being fair, there are people who do like Jim Jordan…of course, those same people also like guys like Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz, and white nationalist terrorists who stomp on police officers. And that’s what got Jordan into the sticky situation he found himself in on Tuesday.

On the same day the jury delivered guilty, guilty, guilty verdicts in the Derek Chauvin trial, Jim Jordan made a huge racist asshole out of himself. To be fair, he’s a racist asshole every day so it wasn’t that unique to happen the same day as a verdict. My verdict is, Jim Jordan is a racist asshole.

House Democrats have drafted a Hate Crimes Act calling for an expedited Justice Department review of pandemic-era hate crimes against Asian Americans, the establishment of an online reporting mechanism for state and local law enforcement agencies, and data collection and public reporting on hate crime. The one thing this bill does NOT do is defund the police.

Republicans proposed an amendment to the bill that would prevent defunding or abolishing police. It’s not relevant. During a committee hearing on the bill, Chairman Jerry Nadler and Democrat Val Demings both called the amendment “irrelevant.” Jim Jordan started screaming it was as “relevant as it gets” because last week, a member of “the Squad” said police should be abolished. One person who has NOT called for defunding the police is President Joe Biden who has come out strongly against it. So, defunding the police is NOT happening. The amendment is not relevant. It’s useless and just for show.

Demings said, “I served as a law enforcement officer for 27 years. It is a tough job, and good police officers deserve your support. It’s interesting to see my colleagues on the other side of the aisle support the police when it is politically convenient to do so.”

Deming told Jordan, “You and your colleagues should be ashamed of yourselves.” I’m pretty sure she already knows Jim Jordan, being a Trump sycophant, has no shame.

She also told the Republicans, “This is emotionally charging for me because I was a law enforcement officer. I have watched them live and die and you know nothing about that. To utilize them as political pawns pisses me off.”

As Jordan tried to interrupt, because he does that a lot with black women, Demings asked, “Did I strike a nerve?”

There should be a nerve there because Republicans only use police when it’s politically convenient. When it comes to choosing between Trump’s white nationalist MAGAt terrorists or cops, Republicans like Jim Jordan choose the terrorists. We literally have supporters of terrorism in Congress.

It’s kinda like being supportive of our troops until it’s not politically convenient. Republicans were outraged when Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem and claimed it was disrespectful to our troops, but are still silent over reports Vladimir Putin placed bounties on our troops…and silent over Trump trying to cover it up.

Last week, Jim Jordan went over his allotted time during another House hearing and continued to berate Dr. Anthony Fauci for being a scientist. Jordan was screaming so hard, he couldn’t keep his face mask on. Then, Democrat Maxine Waters told Jordan to “shut your mouth.” Jim Jordan is on a roll when it comes to pissing off black women. They should make him a pie.

Jim Jordan is only useful to Republicans as a poo-flinging monkey. During committee hearings, he berates witnesses in the name of Trump, latches onto conspiracy theories, and repeats GOP talking points. Other Republicans often give him their allotted time so he can keep harassing witnesses. Jordan rarely asks any actual questions and spends most of his, and others’, time screaming for his white-privilege outrage.

Outside of screaming headlines for Fox News, OANN, Newsmax, and the Daily Stormer, Jordan is useless. The Center for Elective Law Making, a joint project between Vanderbilt University and the University of Virginia, ranked Jordan as the 202 most effective Republican in the House at passing legislation. There are 205 Republicans in the House. That would be like me being told as a cartoonist, I’m only better than Gary McCoy and that Branco fucker. That would hurt.

As my Uncle Rock would probably say if he was still alive, Jim Jordan is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

If you want someone to browbeat scientists, public servants, patriots, and black women, then Jim Jordan is your dude. If you need someone to look the other way while you sexually assault college wrestlers in the showers, Jim Jordan is your man. If you need someone who will actually do the job one typically expects of a congressman, like drafting, sponsoring, and passing legislation to make this country better, Jim Jordan is NOT the guy for that job. A poo-flinging monkey would probably rank higher than 202. A poo-flinging monkey would probably have the class and dignity to at least wear a jacket during committee hearings.

Jim Jordan is such a Trump sycophant, he’s picked up the Trump trait of feuding with black women…and being afraid of them. The question for Jim Jordan is: Are you merely a sexist asshole or are you a racist sexist asshole?

Even a poo-flinging monkey can see that Jim Jordan is a racist sexist asshole. Jim, put on a jacket and shut your pie hole.

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  1. ANOTHER GREAT PIECE OF COMMENTARY. As usual….. every time I read your work I think…… wish I could do that!!!! Have you ever thought of writing a non-cartoon book???

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:

    #GymJordan … he’s a useless, FOS wind bag!! … “Jim Jordan is such a Trump sycophant, he’s picked up the Trump trait of feuding with black women … and being afraid of them. The question for Jim Jordan is: Are you merely a sexist asshole or are you a racist sexist asshole?”

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  3. Republican wind bags. Not worth the skin that hold the fold air in. He and those like him should have to pay to address the committees they somehow end up on. To pay them to be wind bags is ridiculous.

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  4. Just tell Gym Jordan that a college student on the wrestling team is being molested and he’ll shut his black woman hating mouth quickly.


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