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Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist and with every new show, it’s less subtle.

Tucker has spoken in the past about the Great Replacement Theory and I covered it in this blog in 2019. Jesus, Tucker’s been on this racist shit for a while.

So, what is the Great Replacement Theory? It’s a fear by white people that in the future, they will no longer be the dominant race in this nation. Do you know who else had that fear? Adolph Hitler.

Tucker says white supremacy doesn’t exist and every night on his show, he proves otherwise. He is a white supremacist and he has a prime-time slot on the number-one rated (HA) news show in the country. As Tucker argues white supremacy doesn’t exist, former Grand Wizard David Duke tells his followers to watch Tucker because he’s talking to them. It’s all winks and nudges, but Tucker’s racism is becoming more open.

Last week, Tucker went on again about the Great Replacement Theory and how Democrats are bringing “illegals” into our nation in order to create Democratic Party voters. Just forget the fact “illegals” don’t vote. No. And in case you’re building a case about millions, or thousands, or hundreds, or dozens of immigrants in this nation voting illegally, stop it. They don’t. They don’t sponge welfare and they’re not voting. But Tucker would have you think otherwise. This is why Donald Trump watches his show.

If you listen to white conservatives, they will have you believe they are the most persecuted people in world history. Hitler’s book is literally titled, “My Struggle.” Poor little baby Hitler. Did the Nazis have wambulances? Hitler never had a Fox News.

Hitler warned about Jews replacing “real Germans.” Today, Tucker Carlson is warning about brown people replacing white people. Tucker, you’re a fucking racist. Other big fans of this bullshit theory are Donald Trump, Ken Cuccinelli, Stephen Miller, David Duke, and all those tiki-torch wielding Nazis in Charlottesville who were chanting, “Jews will not replace us.”

Tucker, when you talk about “replacement,” you are literally using the same word as the tiki-torch Nazis.

White people will not be the majority of this nation in the future, but we’re not being replaced. We’re not going anywhere. There will always be whiny-ass white guys crying that being unable to deny darker-skinned people their rights is a violation of their rights. There will always be white people crying that their being unable to say the N-word when visiting your establishment is “cancel culture” and an attack on their freedom of speech.

People who want to build walls, like Tucker, believe diversity is the greatest threat to this nation. The truth is, it’s our greatest asset. Diversity is what makes our nation great…or it will make it great. Right now, we’re still a racist nation. Proof of that is over 70 million racist voted for Donald Trump in 2020 and Tucker Carlson Tonight is the number-one rated news show. To fix this, we do need to replace some white people…white people like Tucker and everyone who watches his racist TV show.

We need to replace Tucker and his racist fuckers and tell them, “Hasta la vista.”

Creative note: I had another idea on Tucker and the “great replacement theory,” but I saw two similar ideas last night on Facebook. Around 3:00 a.m, just as I was going to bed, this idea hit me. As I worked on it, it kept evolving. It went from, “If the ‘great replacement theory’ was actually a thing” to “Tucker’s nightmare.” My Spanish lessons are paying off but I did spend an hour thinking of a “replacement” name for “Tucker.”

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