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Congressman Matt Gaetz spoke at an event Friday night in Florida where he attacked the “lying media,” and “decried” the smears against him, the “wild conspiracy theories,” and “distortions” of his personal life. He continued to claim these investigations are from an extortion attempt against him from a Justice Department official who hasn’t worked there in over 25 years.

What wasn’t weird about this is that Gaetz gave his little pity-party speech at a Trump resort (when they do this, they basically give Donald Trump money). What is weird is this was an event by a women’s group. OK, a Women for Trump group…but still.

Matt Gaetz is being looked at by the Justice Department over accusations he slept with a minor and flew her across state lines and put her up in hotel rooms just for that purpose. He’s also accused of paying other women for sex. Matt Gaetz’s defense, other than someone’s blackmailing him, is that he hasn’t slept with a minor since he was a minor and he’s never paid for sex. His proof he’s never paid for sex is his face…which looks like the result of an ugly Kennedy banging an ugly Matt Damon in the backseat of an ugly car that was parked in an ugly tree from where Gaetz fell out of hitting every ugly branch on the way down.

Now, there’s a new investigation into Gaetz shenanigans. This one is by the House Ethics Committee which already knows Matt Gaetz doesn’t have any ethics. This is serious stuff. His buddy and lounge-lizard wingman, Joel Greenberg, is flipping on Gaetz and the Justice Department is interested in making a deal.

The Justice Department may want Gaetz more than Greenberg. But the only way they’ll cut a deal with Gaetz’s buddy is if crimes committed against Gaetz are worse than the ones Greenburg committed, who is facing over 30 charges that include sex trafficking, and if Greenberg has evidence. When a deal is made with prosecutors, you have to tell and give them everything before a deal is made. There has to be evidence.

The Daily Beast found evidence. There are track records of Gaetz sending Venmo payments to Greenberg, who then sent the payments to women. There are more documents similar to these Venmo payments currently being validated by the Beast and other media outlets before they will be published. If these payments connect Gaetz to paying for sex, or sex with a minor, or sex trafficking, in legal terms, he’s fucked. If he goes to prison, it’s a good think he likes fucking.

Gaetz says he’s innocent. He also spent a chunk of his Friday night speech claiming Donald Trump won the election and it was stolen from him. I don’t need to see a Venmo payment to know Matt Gaetz is a liar.

Matt Gaetz has spent his entire time as a Congressman, and his entire life before that, being a sleazy cheap piece of crap. He helped Trump spread lies. He threatened people testifying against Trump. He mocked the coronavirus by wearing a gas mask on the floor of the House. He flew to a Republican colleague’s district to campaign against her because she voted to impeach Trump. Reportedly, he shared nude photos of women he supposedly slept with to colleagues on the House floor. And according to some Trump White House staffers, Gaetz asked for a blanket pardon for himself.

Donald Trump released a statement saying Gaetz never asked him for a pardon. That could mean Gaetz didn’t ask him…directly, but asked staffers. Trump also said to remember that Gaetz has denied the accusations, which is a pattern for Trump. He believes a denial is proof of innocence…or some sort of get-of-sex-crime-jail-free card. He told us Alabama judge and Senate candidate, Roy Moore, denied the accusations he was a mall-food-court predator. He said that about himself from charges of unwanted kissing, groping, and even rape.

But that’s as far as Donald Trump went to defend Gaetz. Gaetz spent the past four years being a Trump sycophant and this is the loyalty that buys you. Donald Trump didn’t appear with Gaetz at Friday’s event, even though it was at a Trump resort. Donald Trump is being advised to avoid Matt Gaetz which is the same advice that should be given to underage girls.

Only two Republican members of congress have supported Gaetz over the past ten days and said he’s innocent. They are Jim Jordan, who is a Trump sycophant and has a history of looking the other way when people commit sex crimes, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is a lunatic but still scrubbed her Twitter feed of photos of her with Gaetz. Not one other Republican will defend Gaetz…not even anonymously.

I predict Matt Gaetz will eventually flee the country to a nation that doesn’t extradite. Maybe to an island nation as he’s already on an island all by himself. It may be an island of no return.

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