Mitch McRacist


When LeBron James offered a political opinion, racist Fox News talking blonde head, Laura Ingraham, told him to, “Shut up and dribble.” This is a pattern for Republicans. They want you to dance, sing, play sports, and entertain, but if you disagree with them, shut up. LeBron James shouldn’t be weighing in on political matters, but Ted Nugent, James Woods, and Chachi should be consulted by a Republican president (sic). Now, Mitch McConnell is telling corporate America to, “Shut up and write checks.”

Mitch McConnell is a hypocrite. We already knew this. Somewhere down the line, he’ll contradict whatever bullshit he’s saying today. For example; he believes Democratic presidents can’t nominate Supreme Court justices in an election year, but Republican presidents (sic) can. Now, he’s doing a 180 on corporations being involved in politics.

In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people and that they could contribute to political campaigns without limitations. Mitch was giddy with joy. He said, “For too long, some in this country have been deprived of full participation in the political process,” and the decision was “restoring the First Amendment rights of these groups.”

The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech. Now, Mitch doesn’t want corporations to speak if they disagree with Republican policies. He is now wanting to deprive them of “full participation” in the political process. Mitch especially wants to deprive corporations full participation in the political process when they disagree about Republican efforts to deprive black Americans full participation in the political process.

After Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines voiced objections to Georgia’s new racist anti-voting laws, Mitch said, “My warning to corporate America is to stay out of politics.” Then he said, “I’m not talking about political contributions.” That means, “Shut up and write checks.”

Mitch, you argued for corporations to have “full participation” in the political process. Do you understand what “full participation” means? I kinda think it means they can exercise their First Amendment rights, which you yourself argued for.

When it was revealed that Chick-fil-A was anti gay marriage…and anti-gay everything, and was contributing massive amounts of chicken money to hate groups, Mitch never said they should “stay out of politics.” The guy who is now waffling on corporations’ “full participation” probably ordered extra waffle fries.

Mitch went after corporations and said, “Most of them contribute to both sides. They have political action committees. That’s fine. It’s legal. It’s appropriate. I support that. I’m talking about taking a position on a highly incendiary issue like this and punishing a community or state because you don’t like a particular law they passed. I just think it’s stupid.”

Would it have been stupid and inappropriate if corporate American had taken a stand for black voters in 1964 during Freedom Summer? Would it have been inappropriate if corporations had pulled out of Mississippi for the state government turning a blind eye on the murders of black Americans and civil rights workers?

Mitch is warning corporations to stay out of it or else. He told reporters earlier this week, “From election law to environmentalism to radical social agendas to the Second Amendment, parts of the private sector keep dabbling in behaving like a woke parallel government. Corporations will invite serious consequences if they become a vehicle for far-left mobs to hijack our country from outside the constitutional order.”

What sort of consequences are you threatening, Mitch? The consequences I see are that the majority of Americans will see Republicans for the racists they are and history will remember it as well. History will remember Mitch and his party for not being “woke.”

From my experience, liberals actually only use “woke” in jest and in humor. I don’t think Republicans actually get that. But in trying to use “woke,” some Republicans are saying the quiet parts out loud.

Republicans in 43 states are proposing hundreds of bills to change voting laws. Mitch and others, like Georgia’s governor, Brian Kemp, claim the laws are expanding voting and all these changes are in response to a lack of integrity and people losing faith in the last election. Bullshit. These laws are in response to the massive turnout and Republicans losing in the last election.

Fact: Georgia went blue, voted for a Democratic president, a Democratic Jewish senator, and a Democratic black senator. Georgia went for three Democrats. Who’s changing the voting laws in response? Republicans. It can’t be more clear for you to see.

If you really wanted to restore voter integrity, then…I don’t know…maybe get rid of the Electoral College so that only the majority of actual voters can elect a president and not a point system that’s a remnant from the slave period of this nation.

Republicans are making it harder for black Americans to vote…and some of them are admitting it.

Michael Watson, a Republican and Secretary of State for Mississippi, you know, that state with a horrible history of how it handled black people voting, said the quiet part out loud this week. Watson said, “Mississippi is doing things the right way under the system we have now.” I’m sure they said the same thing in 1964. He was upset over efforts to register voters.

Watson cried, “Think about all these woke college and university students now who are automatically registered to vote, whether they wanted to or not, again if they didn’t know to opt out then receive a mail-in ballot that they probably didn’t even know was coming because they didn’t know they registered to vote. You’ve got an uninformed citizen who may not be prepared and ready to vote automatically forced on them, ‘hey go make a choice,’ and our country’s going to pay for those choices.”

You mean, our country is going to pay for the choices made by voters? He’s upset there may be more “woke” voters? Who are these “woke” voters? The real funny part is, he’s complaining about “uninformed” people voting while he’s in a party that intentionally misinforms voters. Can we start with who Republicans claim won the last election? Uninformed much?

Republicans, pay attention: Every eligible person has the right to vote. They have that right even if they’re liberal. They have that right even if they’re conservative. They have that right even if they’re “woke.” Even people who are uninformed have as much of a right to vote as those who are informed. Every eligible person has the right to vote, it doesn’t matter if they’re black, white, red, green, purple, yellow, whatever. Klansmen have the right to vote, neo-Nazis have the right to vote, and so do “woke” college students. I don’t see the Mississippi Secretary of State complaining about uninformed Nazis receiving mail-in ballots they didn’t request. What up with that?

From the founding of this nation, conservatives have done everything they can to prevent black people from voting. Now that it’s legal for black people to vote, Republicans are trying to find ways to make it harder for them to vote…when they’re not literally removing them from voter registrations.

Republicans are changing election laws because they can’t win on their policies. What sort of polices? The kind of policies where they want to change election laws because they can’t win on their policies.

These new voting laws are racist. Mitch McConnell and other Republicans keep saying liberals and corporations are lying about these new laws, but we’re not. They’re racist.

If you’re removing drop boxes in black communities, it’s racist. If you make voter IDs more of a requirement then shut down places for black people to get those IDs, it’s racist. If you’re eliminating days to vote, targeting black voters, it’s racist. If you’re taking power away from local election boards in black communities, and giving it to white conservatives, you’re a racist. If you’re making it illegal to hand a black person a bottle of water while s/he is in line to vote…it’s FUCKING racist you fucking racist.

If you’re trying to make voting harder in this nation for black voters, you are a racist. If you support those laws, you are a racist. If you are Mitch McConnell, you’re a racist. If you’re a Republican and you’re down with this shit…you’re a racist.

Creative note: My first concept was to use Mitch and name several corporations to show his hypocrisy…but then about 20 other cartoonists did that. I thought of having him in a race car, like NASCAR, then just a driver’s onesie uniform….and then I got the brilliant idea of having him in his turtle shell with sponsors’ stickers all over it. But about 20 cartoonists have done that concept, so I went in a different direction.

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  1. The Republican subversives stoop to any imaginable corruption when they scramble for seats and donations. Of course they attack signature verification, not because it’s flawed, but because it’s so effective. Banks, typically suspicious of everyone, have always relied on bank signature cards, because signatures have such distinct features. What better way to kneecap marginal, three-job wage slaves, than to require intricate photo ID rituals?

    While the conservatives have always swum in a sea of racism, they demand groveling fealty to the Republican party specifically. Two Independent senators caucus with the Democratic party, but the Republicans don’t want any Independents. They didn’t even want John McCain in the end.
    Republican hate is fathomless for Democratic veterans, like Max Cleland and Tamny Duckworth, who returned from war with multiple amputations. Probably even the gravely disabled World War II veteran Senator Bob Dole would be insufficiently Nazi for today’s fascist bastards. Slipping into the Reserve ranks, like W. or Moscow Mitch, would have done no good in those days. The Reserves were called up first after Pearl Harbor.

    Maybe all the “conservatives” who squawk about the deficit that they ignored for four years should return their relief checks. After all, the IRS does accept voluntary remittances.

    I’ll bet Gaetz deducts the drugs and cash spent enticing his whorehouse of underage sex slaves. He probably doesn’t even pay royalties to his phone porn victims. When a dick shoves his dick into a vaginal canal, does he actually crawl in himself? If there’s a God, I’ll be selectef for his jury.

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  2. Clay, the hypocrisy of McConnell truly knows no boundaries. He is akin to Captain Renault in “Casablanca” who closes Rick’s because there is gambling going on, when seconds later he is handed his winnings at the roulette table. McConnell wants corporate money, but he wants to be told what to do in private.

    As for Gaetz and Trump being pictured together, that is apropos with the former president’s admitted, accused and testified sexual misconduct, including his attendance at parties at Jeffrey Epstein’s house, someone who admitted to using underage girls at such parties.


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