Recurring Grifting


Donald Trump is a grifter and grifters gotta grift.

We know Trump is a grifter. The people who don’t want to accept that fact, despite the overwhelming evidence, are members of the Trump cult.

When Trump ran for president in 2016, he boasted how he didn’t need donations…while he accepted donations. Every politician accepts donations. But Donald Trump, being a “businessman” who owns hotels and golf resorts, found ways to put those donations into his own pocket.

His campaign headquarters were in Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in New York City. Donald Trump charged his campaign for rent. He overcharged his campaign for rent. His campaign held event at Trump hotels and resorts…and the properties overcharged for those events.

As president (sic), he winked-winked and nudged-nudged he was accepting bribes and that to get in his good favor, you should spend money at his properties. Every conservative lobbying group and foreign interest held events, parties, and fundraisers at Trump properties, especially in Washington, DC. Foreign governments, like Saudi Arabia, would rent rooms at Trump hotels while the top diplomats would actually stay in hotels Trump didn’t own, probably because they wanted to stay somewhere better and not get bedbugs from sleeping on an infested mattress.

Remember the video of a Republican event shortly after Trump was sworn in and there were people throwing up heils? Yeah, that was the Washington Trump Hotel.

Usually, when people kiss their boss’ ass, they use flattery. You would think with Donald Trump, they’d tell him his ill-fitting suits looked wonderful or that the thing on his head didn’t look like a bleached weasel carcass. But no. Attorney General William Barr wanted to throw a party, so he spent around $30,000 to hold it at the Trump Hotel in Washington. You would think suppressing investigations into Trump goons, lying about Russian meddling, and dropping a huge deuce on the Mueller Report would be enough ass kissing. But not William Barr, who felt the need to hand Trump $30,000.

There are places that specialize in selling mattresses. They’re called retail stores. That’s where a normal non-corrupt person would purchase a mattress. Scott Pruitt, who was on the Trump cabinet at the time as director of the Environmental Protection Agency (in charge of dropping deuces on the environment), inquired about purchasing a used mattress from the Washington Trump Hotel. You would think after hearing the Russian hooker pee-pee story, even if it’s not true, Donald Trump would be the last person you would buy a used mattress from.

Trump didn’t just grift from his campaign, friends, and foreign governments. He grifted us too. He went to his own golf resorts as often as he could. He charged the government for rooms used by White House staff and the Secret Service. The Secret Service actually had to book rooms they never actually used, just in case Donald Trump wanted to go golfing. Of course, the rates for these rooms always went up for the government. Donald Trump even charged the Secret Service rental fees for golf carts so they could follow him around to protect him. Donald Trump charged us to protect him. It’s a nice racket, eh?

Why did Donald Trump take the leaders of foreign governments to his resorts? That way, he got to charge their governments hotel fees too. Of course, people eat…so they gotta pay for that too. Remember when he boasted about how much Xi Jinping loved the chocolate cake at Mar-a-Rob-o? That slice of cake probably cost $89.79.

Donald Trump attempted to host the G-7 Summit at one of his failing resorts and claimed it was the best location…and only suitable location in the nation for the summit. His ambassador to the United Kingdom, who also owns the New York Jets, attempted to get the British Open golf tournament held at one of Trump’s UK golf resorts. By the way, golf experts and golfing publications rank Trump golf resorts as shit. The only time you see an alligator at a Trump golf resort in Florida is when he’s using it as a short cut to a better golf resort.

Trump grifts. He used his charity to organize events with his political campaign, which is illegal. He used donations to his charity to purchase gifts for himself. His charity was dismantled by the state of New York for grifting and Donald Trump and three of his little fucky grifty children are now barred from engaging in any activity with any charity in the state of New York. And don’t get me started on his fake university which has also been dismantled by the state of New York. These motherfuckers grift.

Trump supporters love and belief in all things Trump begins and ends with him being a rich man…but they ignore that he inherited and grifted his way to becoming rich. They ignore his tax scams. They ignore he pays less in income taxes than they do. They ignore all the businesses of his that have failed. Donald Trump’s most successful business is convincing stupid people he’s successful at business. But even now, selling his name to hotels he doesn’t own is failing. After he sent racist MAGA terrorists to topple the government, putting Trump’s name on your hotel would be akin to calling it “Bin Laden Comfort Bed & Suites.”

As I said, Trump supporters are the only ones who fail to see that Donald Trump is a conman, even as they spend $30 for Trump straws. But, the ones being taken for thousands of dollars may be starting to see the light.

Stacy Blatt is a Trump supporter who lived on $1,000 a month while battling cancer. Rush Limbaugh told Mr. Blatt that Donald Trump needed his help. So Stacy Blatt sent Donald Trump $500. Wow. That’s a lot for someone in Mr. Blatt’s position and very generous. Then, Stacy Blatt contributed another $500 the next day, and another $500 the next week, and eventually gave Donald Trump $3,000, depleting his bank account and making his rent and utility payments bounce. Only thing is, Stacy Blatt did not know he was contributing beyond the first donation of $500. He didn’t know until everything started bouncing.

The thing is, at the website to give Donald Trump money for his failing campaign, had a little tiny box to make the payment recurring. In case you’re a Trump supporter, “recurring” means doing it again and again and again and….you get the idea. In this case, it does it again and again until you’re out of money. But Stacy Blatt never checked that little tiny box. Nope. It was pre-checked. As in, the Trump campaign had already checked it and was hoping he wouldn’t notice.

These people were being robbed for thousands by the Trump Campaign because of a pre-checked box, meanwhile, I’m paranoid about a pre-checked box getting me bombed with text messages from Pizza Hut. No, you don’t, pizza fuckers. Uncheck! Uncheck! Uncheck!

Stacy Blatt did not notice that box for recurring donations was pre-checked. What’s more, he didn’t notice the SECOND prechecked box, known internally as a “money bomb,” that doubled a person’s contribution. Stacy Blatt was not the only person who failed to notice the grifter boxes. Thousands fell for this. Money-bomb? They should call it “grifter-bomb.”

Soon, banks and credit card companies were inundated with fraud complaints. Why? Because it was fraud. Donald Trump is a thief. And even as some people received refunds, many still had to pay overdraft fees. Many even canceled their credit cards and closed their bank accounts. Banks have those pre-checked boxes too where you agree to allow them to pay charges when your account is overdrawn and add $30.00 to each one. I received a letter from my bank offering that “protection” about a decade ago and I burned it. That “protection” can lead to you being thousands of dollars in debt before you’re even aware of it.

All political campaigns have to issue refunds for various reasons. Usually it’s over legal limits. Often, a contributor gives too much and the campaign notifies them and returns some of the donation. For example, the Joe Biden 2020 presidential campaign and other Democratic committees issued online refunds totaling $21 million. The Trump Campaign, the Republican National Committee, and other associated fundraising goons issued over $122 million in refunds to online donors.

The Trump Campaign refunded 10.7 percent of the money it raised on WinRed, the for-profit fundraising platform it used for online donations. The Democrats only refunded 2.2 percent it raised online through its platform, ActBlue.

Doesn’t that kinda tell you who you should have voted for? Hey, I’m going to vote for the guy who doesn’t steal from elderly people on fixed incomes battling cancer.

Donald Trump was able to use all this stolen money in the final months of his campaign, and when the bill came due to issue refunds, he used money from his “stolen election” lie fundraising campaign to cover those. It’s a shell game. On top of that, it amounted to an interest-free loan from his cult. These people literally paid interest in overdraft fees to give Donald Trump a loan.

Do you remember when goons like Ronna McDaniel, the R.N.C. chairwoman, went on Fox News and other venues to boast about the fundraising of the Trump Campaign? Yeah, fucknuts like her and Jason Miller, who still has a job lying for Trump, never mentioned the part about stealing from their own supporters.

I was wrong. Donald Trump is successful at two things. Convincing people he’s successful and stealing money. The Trump Campaign and RNC accounted for three percent of all credit card fraud in the United States in 2020. Political donations account for a very small part of the U.S. economy, so that three percent is a LOT. This is another reason Donald Trump should be in prison.

We’ve been telling Trump goons for five years that Donald Trump is a grifter. He’s a conman. He’s a crook. Trump supporters are slow learners. Cancer eventually killed Stacy Blatt but one of his last experiences in life was learning that Donald Trump is a crook. He learned Donald Trump is a crook who really doesn’t care about his supporters.

Hopefully, other Trump supporters won’t have to learn that lesson as late as Stacy Blatt did, on his deathbed.

Donald Trump is a grifter and he will literally grift you to death.

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  1. I don’t see proof, but I am willing to believe you anyway. Only Trump and his children could come up with a scam like that. Why isn’t he under arrest right now? A person of colour who tried such a scheme would be. Even a poor white person would be. But Trump is a member of a very privileged class. He can kill a man on Fifth Ave., or pay a hooked a hundred thousand dollars to keep her mouth shut, and not even be looked at by authorities. The Teflon Don has nothing on Donald Trump. Trump’s victims come to him and beg, “Fleece me!”

    Liked by 2 people

  2. How badly do you have to fuck up a 501(c)(3) nonprofit before judges and prosecutors rip it to shreds? They approve nearly any hare-brained, Rube Goldberg cause that a fevered brain can conceive. You have to commit the worst sort of sticky-fingered fraud before they will launch the subpoenas.

    The discarded president not only conducts such a campaign of pillage and rapine that cartoonists struggle to satirize this actual, living satire-hole, he weaponizes the most hideous depravities of the Internet to drink the lifeblood of his own worshippers. Satan wears a halo by comparison. Even the mass-murderous Ghengis Khan negotiated agreements with cities that wisely surrendered to his brutal armies. What kind of parasite do you have to be, to be worse than Ghengis Kahn? (Ghengis Khan didn’t trust China either, although he conscripted Chinese administrators…who were actually paid generously and on time.)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. From what I’ve learned about cancer, STRESS can encourage its spread, so I should think Mr. Blatt’s demise was speeded up by the stress of his last weeks. ANOTHER death we can lay at drumpf’s door.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. The icing on that turd cake of Trump grifting his supporters of their contributions is that other Republicans saw how effective it is and are now doing it too.

    Guess they’re kinda desperate for cash since many of the corporations that halted contributions after the Jan 6th attack haven’t opened up their wallets yet.

    Liked by 2 people

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